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For all the people that think i am not a mom and to the ones have issues with me being a mom and feel the need to harass me for it every time i am on, here i am with my kids, Rosebud4155 is the one with long red hair with her head on my shoulder, my 3 year old in front of me and my 7 year old on the other side of me, the random kid in the back ground is not mine. i don't understand why people have issues with me being a mother that plays minecraft with their kids, i am not bothering anyone or interrupting anyone's game-play. There are plenty other adults that play and run servers on minecraft, so i would appreciate it if people would leave me alone for taking an active roll in the interests of my children. it is ridiculous to have a problem with me being a parent but you kids think its ok to talk like you live in a red-light district (look it up) and swear and be completely perverted. My daughter and i would like the harassment to stop. Everyday i am getting yelled at by some little kid, for being a mom. My age and parental status doesn't effect anyone's game-play. but the constant harassment i get does effect mine....Ty for your time.