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Jul 31, 17
Posted by Witek
Enjin Coin: Custom Coins for Game items and assets

I’m proud to announce Enjin’s new cryptocurrency for gamers, launching this summer. We’re calling it Enjin Coin, and it’s an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can check out our info-graphic for an overview of our idea, and the official whitepaper for the in-depth concept.

In this article, I’ll begin by talking about the Custom Coins feature and how virtual assets will benefit gamers, developers and community owners.

Creating game items

The core purpose of the platform is to create and sell virtual assets. Enjin Coin allows you to create new toke...

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Jul 16, 17
Posted by Ben
Enjin Revelation Online Giveaway 2017 WINNERS

Enjin Revelation Online Giveaway 2017 WINNERS are now to be announced! This is from our Revelation Online Giveaway thread.

Thanks for participating! Below are the list of winners. Winners will receive an Enjin Message to receive their prize!


Winner List

Below are the list of winners according to the prize they have won organized by post url and profile. You will be contacted via Enjin PM shortly.


1. Jae'xi | 
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Jul 13, 17
Posted by Ben
Featured Friday - Honor Gaming Network


14th of July 2017




Name: Honor Gaming Network
Games: Multi-Gaming Platform
Leader Honor Buddha
Honor Gaming Network is a community originally formed in 2014 with a goal to provide a gaming environment for gamers to connect with similar individuals. Honor Network Gaming offers streams, gameplays, squads for gamers to join and multiple new updates for gamers in the community to look forward to. It is unique in its ability to efficiently provide all gamers an opportunity to participate and grow within their gaming community. With its detailed, organized staff structure, Honor Gaming Network strives to provide one of the best environments for gamers and its staff with multiple milestones to further into 'uncharted territory'.
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Jun 30, 17
Posted by Apex
Feature Friday - Fifth Dimension Gaming

30th of June 2017


Name: Fifth Dimension Gaming 
Games: Multi-Gaming Platform
Leader: Major_Steel

Fifth Dimension Gaming born in late 2012 hosts pretty much any game you can think of, if you play it these guys will urge you to keep playing. The 18+ community follows the motto "Fidelity-Integrity-Camaraderie-Excellence." Fifth Dimension Gaming both allows competitive gaming and casual so whatever you're into this clan is for you!


Beautiful header displaying each popular game they play

Custom news module 

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