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Apr 6, 18
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Mar 9, 18
Posted by Ben
Mar 9, 18
Posted by Apex
The Enjin Network Is Now Accepting Enjin Coin as a Payment Method

We are pleased to announce that the 19 million users strong Enjin Network now supports an additional payment method — Enjin Coin.

Users are now able to purchase Enjin Plans with the Ethereum of Gaming — at a 10% discounted price!

The implementation of ENJ as a payment solution marks the first step, and a pivotal moment in the integration of our social gaming platform with Enjin Coin.

While Enjin Coin can be used to develop complex, groundbreaking digital products like gaming multiverses, the Enjin Network integration demonstrates a much simpler use-case — payments for goods and services.

As the Enjin Coin powered meta-economy grows and evolves, we believe that game industry businesses will begin to implement Enjin Coin as a payment solution for their virtual and real-life goods and services.

Use-cases range from game server hosting companies and gaming influencer marketing platforms, to game development tools & resources marketplaces and gaming hardware stores — essentially any game industry business that has gamers and/or game developers as customers.

The Enjin Network new crypto-payment gateway is simple — when the Enjin Plan is selected, the pa...

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Mar 2, 18
Posted by Apex
Celebrating 9 Successful Years with a MASSIVE Savings Event & Contest

Enjin has officially turned 9 years of age. It has been a long journey from March 2009 all the way to the present. Multiple website tools and features, partnerships as well as updates have been released with many more to come.

Over 19 million users have registered, Enjin hosts thousands of communities and is a platform supported by state of the art systems and hardware, consistently delivering amazing speeds with nearly 100% uptime. Enjin is still a home to many as more communities utilize Enjin's powerful Community Management System.

Enjin's smart cryptocurrency for gaming, Enjin Coin, has had it's initial coin offering successfully completed with multiple objectives on its roadmap on its way to completion.

With a strong community, the Enjin team would like to give a big thanks to our active forum users, helpful members, and moderators who volunteer their own time in helping other individuals out of pure passion and joy. Many thanks to the Enjin translators and Enjin Game Ambassadors who further contribute to the Enjin platform.

We would like to thank all our customers for your great support. We have received large quantities of feature requests, feedback and reviews which has helped push Enjin to new heights.

In celebration of Enjin's 9th birthday, we are having a 9 Day Sale with MASSIVE Savings & Contest!

9 Day Sale with Massive Savings 

To celebrate our 9 years of success,, we...

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Dec 13, 17
Posted by Ben
Enjin Coin Minecraft Build Contest
Do you consider yourself a master-builder in Minecraft?
Prove it, and enter the epicest building contest ever - featuring a mind-blowing prize pool and a unique challenge.

The Challenge: Build an original structure that features the Enjin Coin logo on a Minecraft multiplayer server (any mode). Record it. Upload it to YouTube. How to enter.

Random Giveaway: Too busy to build, but you’d still like a prize? Enter above by just spreading the word, and get a chance to win bonus prizes.

Want to participate?
Enter and see contest details here:

Vote for your favorite build!

Submissions are open: 11th of December 2017
Submissions are closed: 25th of December 2017 

Winners are Announced & Prizes Given Out: 5th of January 2018

$2,000 USD CASH + 10,000 ENJ + Ultimate Plan (1yr)

$1,000 USD CASH + 5,000 ENJ + Ultimate Plan (1yr)

$500 USD CASH + 2,500 ENJ + Ultimate Plan (1yr)

10x will receive 1,000 ENJ + Advanced Plan (1yr)
30x will receive 750 ENJ

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