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Wed at 18:09
Posted by Apex
Revelations Online GIVEAWAY + New Faces


 Enjin is very excited to support Revelations Online which recently has game support added onto the Enjin platform.  Revelations Online is hosting an event, "March of the Guilds", where you could also join to win for your guild! 

They have provided epic prizes including in-game and Enjin days! Many prizes to be offered and to be won.


Want even MORE?! Click 
HERE for Revelations Online jam-packed with goodies to be won. 

How to Enter:

Here's how to enter Enjin's giveaway for the amazing in-game prizes and Enjin Days!

Step 1....

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Jun 2, 17
Posted by Chris
New Mobile App feature updates on iOS & Android!

An incredible update is live for the Enjin mobile app!

Download or update the Enjin app asap to get access to all your forums and communities!

Available now for Android and IOS
google-play-enjin-app.jpg apple-ios-enjin-app_1.jpg

Image Viewer for wall and other images posted
Press on any image you see via the mobile app to view it directly


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May 24, 17
Posted by Chris
Revelation Online game support!


Full game support has been added for Revelation Online!

  • Character Support!


  • Website Recruitment support!


  • Recruitment module support


  • New website theme for Revelation Online!


Visual Raid progress module support coming soon!

Let us know if you want to see any other website features added for this game.

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May 3, 17
Posted by Chris
5 Building Blocks for a Successful Gaming Community

Whether you're starting a new group or running an established clan, building a successful community can be tough. After all, you're dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of players--and that's on top of handling the nitty-gritty of maintaining your group's website.

Luckily, we've got a few tips to help you run an active, thriving community.


1. Clear values and goals

Before anything else, make sure you know what kind of community you'd like to have. Your answer will determine the two pillars of your whole community experience: your values and your goals.

Values give you a compass that will help you navigate community decisions in the moment. 

Why are you building a group in the first place?
What kind of behavior do you expect from your members?
What kind of people do you want to have as members?

Having answers to these questions will make it easier to deal with day-to-day issues, whether that means dealing with problem players or figuring out what features and activities you'll spend your time implementing.

That's also where goals come in. These can be specific, short-term objectives, like staging a successful tournament or landing a number of sponsors for the year; a more general, long-term aim, like becoming the biggest and most active group in your area; or it can be a mix of both.
Goals give your group a sense of purpose and direction. They cultivate more investment in your members, and they're great guides when you're sitting down to figure out what activities...

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Apr 28, 17
Posted by Chris
Featured Friday - Eternus

28th of April 2017


Name: Eternus
Games: Multi Gaming
Leader Temmi
Starting under a different name "Kingdom of Arisea" in ArcheAge back in 2014, they slowly built up a tight nit community of like minded individuals who enjoy gaming together. After losing Interest in ArcheAge and branching out to multiple games, Kingdom of Arisea changed their name to Eternus, a storytelling gaming community.


Professional community logo & animated home page -


Custom nav menu -


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