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Jan 27, 17
Posted by Chris
Mobile Forums Released! App updated on iOS & Android!

An incredible update is live for the Enjin mobile app! View, access and interact with your website Forum and Website Community wall right now!

Download or update the Enjin app asap to get access to all your forums and communities!

Available now for Android and iOS.
google-play-enjin-app.jpg apple-ios-enjin-app_1.jpg

New side drawer. Access all your communities
With 1 click access all the communities instantly. Quickly see an overview of latest threads and news.


google-play-enjin-app.jpg apple-ios-enjin-app_1.jpg

Quick view forums and news in side drawer
Click one of your community and check what’s new instantly.


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Dec 9, 16
Posted by Chris
Featured Friday - The 19th Battalion

9th of December 2016


Name: ToRN
Games: Multi Gaming.
Leader ToRN
The 19th Battalion is a Oceanic Multi Gaming Community, founded in 2009 with a vision to create a tight knit community of like minded individuals who enjoy gaming together. After nearly 7 years 19th Battalion is still going strong. If you're looking for a fair, fun and friendly community to join, The 19th Battalion most likely the one you're looking for.


Professional community logo -


Eye catching slideshow header -


Fully customised website news -


Friendly navigation for various modules -

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Dec 8, 16
Posted by Chris
2016.12.7 – Change Log

2016.12.7 – Change Log


Coming very soon!

  • CMS - New glorious BBCode Editor (Right around the bend)
  • Mobile - Mobile Forums

New Features

Application form module

  • Banned users can no longer submit apps on sites they are banned from.


  • Added page param to Tickets.getTickets

Forum module

  • Forum now allows forum moderators to view posts from forums that have the setting 'Users can only see their own threads' on their profiles.

Game Support - FFXIV:ARR

  • Added new raids to visual raid progress and event modules

Unique Usernames

  • Users can now purchase a unique username early.


  • Websites can now integrate Slack with specific site modules!
    Find out more here
    Slack support for other modules coming soon!

Bug fixes

Admin Settings page

  • Fixed a bug where website’s settings page would look really bad on lower screen res.

Application form module

  • Fixed a bug where emojis appeared massive on the form builder.


  • Fixed a bug where some server...
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Dec 1, 16
Posted by Chris
Enjin 2016.11.30 - Change Log

2016.11.30 – Change Log


New Features

Game Support - Guild Wars 2

  • Added new raids to visual raid progress module.

Game Support - WoW

  • Added new raids to visual raid progress module.

Game Support - FFXIV:ARR

  • Added new raids to visual raid progress module.


  • Added ability to edit wall posts
  • Added the ability to set a custom username (Only available to website owners on the advanced or ultimate plan)

Shop module

  • Added Kount support for Braintree gateway.

Bug fixes

Activity wall module

  • Fixed bug where website donations were not listing the website name properly.

Birthday module

  • Fixed bug where birthdays would not show.
  • Fixed bug where birthday years would show a year ahead


  • Fixed bug where website with proper DNS settings were receiving the wrong DNs setup alert.


  • Fixed a bug where you could not view your own site files on the Files admin panel.


  • Fixed a bug where WoW Demon hunter class icons were broken

Shop module

  • Fixed bug where usernames and characters could not be se...
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Oct 28, 16
Posted by Lilia
Enjin translated in your Language!

Hallå, Salut, Hallo, Ciao, Hola everyone!

We're excited to release multilingual support for the following languages!

Added language support for Enjin websites in website settings:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish

And more to come…

We’d like to thank all our translators from the Enjin community who stepped up to make this possible, now everyone can use Enjin in their own language!

If you don’t see your language here or the above languages are not complete, you can make it happen and receive rewards!

Click here for more details


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