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Wow it's been a while
Yes indeed it has been. How are you doing?
Good, how are you?
I’m doing good as well.

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tumblr_lmj5geQm9c1qjz9g6.gif New Java Trainees - June 2nd, 2018 tumblr_lmj5geQm9c1qjz9g6.gif

Congratulations to our 3 new Java Trainees!

  • tumblr_lmj5fz6oXQ1qjz9g6.gif Asorain, who is from the US! He is extremely passionate about cars and loves to learn new things about them! He also hangs out with his friends and is interested in his educational career as he’s already taking college classes. He really wants to join the staff team in order to make a change in Mineplex by being as helpful and kind as possible. If you ever have a question, this is the person to come to!

  • tumblr_lmj5fz6oXQ1qjz9g6.gif TeaSpiller, who is from the US! When he’s not busy working on his photography skills, he enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and cracking jokes here and there. You may have seen him helping around the forums, in lobbies, or just seen the weird pictures he posts on his wall, but you’re sure to see more of him now as a Trainee. He’s excited to help out in areas that community members typically don’t have a lot of support, so if you need someone to help you out feel free to send him a message.

  • tumblr_lmj5fz6oXQ1qjz9g6.gif _H2O, who is from the US! She’s currently in school for theater and journalism, but also enjoys dancing, writing, and cinematography as well. You’ve definitely seen her helping out in the community both on the forums and in-game before, as she’s extremely active and helpful to all those who need her. An ex-Recruitmentor and all-around awesome person, we are so excited to welcome her back to the staff team!

    New Bedrock Trainees - June 2nd, 2018

    Congratulations to our new Bedrock Trainee!

    • tumblr_lmj5fz6oXQ1qjz9g6.gif DiddyYT, who is from the UK! He enjoys playing football with his friends and his favorite subject is English class since he loves learning new words. If he was a food, he would be a potato because he thinks they have an absolutely brilliant personality. Whilst on the staff team, he hopes to make many new friends whether they may be a staff or community member!

      tumblr_lmj5i9AF2P1qjz9g6.gif tumblr_lmj5iouQhO1qjz9g6.gif tumblr_lmj5i9AF2P1qjz9g6.gif

      ━━━━━━ ∘°❉°∘ ━━━━━━
Congratimatations! I hope the best for you guys! Good luck getting to mod! :d
May 2018

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purple-b.gif New Trainees (Java) - May 26th, 2018 purple-b.gif
Congratulations to our new 2 Java Trainees!

  • Quackeh, who is from the US! Outside of Minecraft he enjoys bowling and playing pool as well as spending time ushering concerts. He’s currently apart of his schools marching band and plays the euphonium. In the future he plans on joining being Quality Assurance or TM and a Recruiter, but in general his goal is to help out as many people as he can in any way that is possible.
  • SomeRqndomName, who is from the UK! Outside of Mineplex he is really into computer science and music tech. He is also currently working on making an album to sell for charity and possible hope to have a career in this area in the future as well. He is a very friendly, outgoing and upbeat person so if you need someone to talk to or need some help, he is your guy!
New Trainees (Bedrock) - May 26th, 2018
Congratulations to our new Bedrock Trainee!
  • SenpaiApp, who is from the US! Outside of Mineplex she enjoys doing many extracurricular activities such as running and cooking (especially Fettuccine Alfredo). She’s also involved with the Civil Air Patrol and Air Force JRTC that has taught her many leadership skills she hopes to use when interacting with the Bedrock staff and community. While a staff member on Bedrock, she hopes to be a kind heart that others can go to if they ever need assistance or just a smile!
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That's right everyone! Your favorite events are back and to kick it off we'll be having our May Wootapalooza! What is a Wootapalooza you may be asking. Well it is an event we host on our Plug Dj where the most amount of woots wins you a prize! While doing your doing work or playing games, listen to your favourite songs and song picks from the community. Share the music you like and perhaps you'll discover new music to add to your own collection.
Play your best songs and compete to be the best DJ. The top rated DJs will be awarded awesome prizes!
1st place - 3 Illuminated Chests
2nd place - 1 Illuminated Chest
3rd place - 3 Mythical Chests
Participation - 1 Mythical Chest
Saturday May 26, 6-8PM EDT
Don't want to be a DJ? No problem. Wootapalooza is an event open to both music lovers and casual listeners. Chat with our friendly music sharing community if that's more your style.
Click Here to learn more about Mineplex's Plug DJ community.
Click here for the Plug DJ Mega Guide.
Be sure to sign up here!
If you have any questions feel free to message xVanessa !
Bruh I’m gonna freaking do this tho
"What is a Wootapalooza you may be asking"
You mean...
Wot a palooza?

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tumblr_inline_mtig7mwO1I1roozkr.gif New Trainees (Java) - May 5th, 2018 tumblr_inline_mtig7mwO1I1roozkr.gif

Congratulations to our new 3 Java Trainees!

  • Bl0ckBuster_, who is from the US! Outside of Mineplex, he loves to cheer, ice skate, play chess, and participate in student council at his school as the president. He also loves to teach younger kids how to ice skate and help them learn important skills such as problem solving strategies and ways to act in a conflict. In the future, he would really like to join the Forum Ninja team due to his passion for the forums and helping others. If you ever need help or someone to have a friendly conversation with, this is your guy!

  • French_Kangaroo, who is from Australia! He spends his time doing a variety of activities such as refereeing, playing sports, studying history and language, and volunteering at the fire department! You may have been confused seeing him before as he’s Australian but calls himself French, and dresses like a polar bear despite being named “Kangaroo”. Regardless of that first impression, you may have seen him elsewhere in the community doing his best to help others. He’s excited to continue as a Trainee in order to help keep the server family-friendly and as much fun as possible!

  • Hagen_is_Awesome, who is from Germany! He enjoys playing with his dog, and even teaches her tricks from time to time! In the future, he wishes to study medicine in order to possibly become a Psychiatrist. He loves reading and playing piano, as well as learning new languages so that he can talk to whoever he wishes to speak to. He wants to use his confident and helpful personality to assist the community in any way he can.


    ━━━━━━ ∘°❉°∘ ━━━━━━
April 2018

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tumblr_luw088OFSd1qip80b.gif New Trainees (Java) - April 28th, 2018 tumblr_luw088OFSd1qip80b.gif
Congratulations to our new 4 Java Trainees!

  • Enunciate_, who is from the US! He's currently studying to become a game developer at college, and when he's not busy studying up he enjoys swimming, biking, and traveling. A current Ideas team and Game Insights member, he's already invested in helping Mineplex improve to become a better server for everyone. In the future he'd like to become either a Community Manager or a Quality Assurance member, but for now feel free to reach out to him with any concerns you may have and he'd be happy to assist you!

  • SkarmMines, who is from the US! Outside of Mineplex, she loves to read and draw as well as hang out with her friends both on Mineplex and outside of Mineplex. She also loves to write and interact with others. She really wants to join the staff team because she is extremely passionate about the community and would love to join some of the sub teams available to staff member!

  • sugrbun, who is from the US! She has a wide range of hobbies, such as playing Pokémon, maining D.Va on Overwatch, baking, and going fishing! When she's not busy hanging out with people, she has 26 animals to take care of, ranging from fancy leopard geckos, to guinea pigs, to cats, turtles, lizards… the list goes on! She has a strong passion for Mineplex and the community here, which is why she's excited to become a Trainee. She promises to do her best to help improve the community however she can!

  • TedBread, who is from the US! Despite living nowhere near the snow, he loves to go skiing, as well as reading, learning more about medicine, and volunteering in his community! You may have seen him around the forums or in-game spreading kindness and friendliness to others, and if you haven't yet then now's the perfect opportunity to get to know him! A friendly and charismatic person, he's excited to start working on the staff team to help change the community for the better!

    New Trainees (Bedrock) - April 28th, 2018
    Congratulations to our new 2 Bedrock Trainees!

    • FabianTuck, who is from the US! In his free time he enjoys watching Netflix, particularly The Walking Dead. He doesn't really enjoy sports, but he loves participating in a volunteer community theatre whenever he can. He is very outgoing as well as optimistic so he hopes to help the community in anyway he can whether that may be on the forums or in-game. Definitely say hi to him if you ever see him around as he loves answering questions and providing the community with more assistance!

    • Miao Zaki, who is from the US! Outside of Mineplex she greatly enjoys embracing her inner artist and fostering kittens from a local animal shelter. She also really enjoys playing tennis outside of her apartment complex with her friends, although just for fun. A huge people person, Miao hopes to bring the Mineplex community together so that everyone has a great experience just as she did.


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Mineplex Oscars 2018

Hello, everyone!

The Mineplex Oscars have been announced! You can view the thread by clicking here.

Event Details:
Location: /server EVENT-1 [us]
Date: April 27 - 3pm Eastern Daylight Time
Deadline for nominations: April 24

Good luck to all of the staff and community!
We need someone on the staff team named LeonardoDiCaprio.

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Hey wake up
TS please stop i fan.
March 2018

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Please read over my thread and possibly bring it up when you have your next QA meeting.
OofKay / HeyItsYoshi

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Snowingly has been summoned

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Hai ;-; Notice me pls
I notice GWEN all the time banning players! xD

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Is there things like quotas and stuff? And idk if I will I skimmed over it and got scared at the bomb lobbers question
There are quotes for testings to go to. So yes.

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😱 Your signature is missing the Sr.Mod date :(
Ikr. I have not updated my signature since I was a Mod back in 2015.
Wew, I don't blame you tbh. Signatures are the worst to update >:( Especially if it's constant like ranks.
Skillz xxSkillzmasterz

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OML BREEZE. ITS BEEN SOOO LONG. I see you are a staff member now! That is amazing to see! I know good things are going to happen! :,)
Yes it has been a very long time and yes I am a Bedrock staff member currently and I am on the Quality Assurance team. I hope everything is good with you also!