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Shared publicly - Oct 19, 11

Hey Frosty sorry I have been trying like you said to appear online every once in a while but I forgot to tell you that i moved and did not have internet connection till this last week end so now i will try to play with you guys at least once a week in practice
September 2011
Eternal Torch007

Shared publicly - Sep 22, 11

Frosty tell Readymade that i can't get on xbox because I have drivers ed that starts at 3 and ends at 6 so i have two hours to finish homework but sadly I can not complete my homework in time so i wil be unable to play xbox
Ready is not GEN anymore. I am. And that's fine. Personal like and school come first. If and when you would like to be active again you let me know and I will get you back up in ranks. But thanks for telling me.