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October 2018

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I wanted to do a kpop dance so I did BTS Blood Sweat & Tears choreography and did Taehyung's parts, I regret picking that song

Also don't do Jungkook's part when he grinds on the floor unless you have upper body strength, I like can't even walk from slamming my waist on the ground
[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) '피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)' Dance Practice
BTS Official Homepage http://bts.ibighit.com BTS Blog http://btsblog.ibighit.com BTS Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bangtan.official

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How Hairrr plays Skywars
September 2018

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(︶ - ︶)

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Third week of school, already feel dead
August 2018

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Happy birthday olivertailby


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Thought 8th grade was gonna be shit for me, but honestly isn't that bad. All my classes are decent. The only problem I have is I'm always tired, I'll just pass out in first period everyday till someone yells my name 👍

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I am the best builder

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Today I have brought you all a beautiful build of OrangePeels built by the best builder of them all, PlayingPiano
July 2018

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I can go sleeping for three days without waking up and not question my laziness

♡ I love it ♡

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My daily mood

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good job Nightreaper77
June 2018

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Felt like making a staff opinion since I delete my previous one and just want it to do it cause why not ❤


Joshb_: don't know you much I from what I see, you're a fun guy. Did great with pvpkits too. You do your job as other staff members do and happy you're part of the staff team.

frep: cool guy, don't know you much but you seem to be a good admin to me. Did great with prison and you do a lot around here. I think you're a good admin as well.

Nightreaper77: a very hardworking staff member. You take your job serious and great at screensharing. Very deserved to be an admin, you're a great staff member and I'm glad your part of the staff team.

Staff Managers

Shird: one of the kindest staff members I have ever met when I first joined mco. Remember meeting you when you were a moderator and now you're a staff manager! Amazing art skills and great staff members, chill person. I'm very happy for your promotion to staff manager, very well deserved!

Senior Moderators

MakingMagic: great staff member from what I've heard. Not gonna like, I don't know you much but I always heard of you as a very great staff member and somewhat good at pvp. Hope to see you promoted soon and see you around more in-game.

Duffyy: fun guy! You're a really nice person and I see you do your job well as a senior moderator. Great staff member and I as well hope to see your promotion to admin.


DashSuperCraft: nice guy, don't know you much but I see you've been moderator for quite a while. Don't really see you active much but you seem to be a kind person.

Slyze: a very hardworking staff member. You take your job serious and as well great at screensharing. I hope to see you around more often in-game and possibly a promotion. From my perspective, you're a great staff member.

Doled: another very kind staff member. Ever since we met you were so kind, always supportive. Sadly I don't see you much in-game, I really hope to see you in-game more often!

meowmir: don't know you much but I know you were staff before. Don't see you much in-game but you seem to be a nice guy.

FutureTech: a really nice person. Fun guy and supportive. You're also a really hardworking staff member and I'm very glad to see you part of the staff team again. I hope to you promoted soon! ily

Superoid: chill person, also a great staff member. I'm very happy you're part of the staff team again, I see you as a hardworking and kind person.

Intersystem: great staff member, glad to see you part of the staff team. Don't know you much but you're a nice guy.

Trial Moderators

CyberBullie: not gonna lie, never expected you to be staff. You're a supportive and kind guy but always saw you as an immature person. Though I hope that will change, you're a good staff member.

grace: loud f-mod smh You're a really nice person, I'm glad you're part of the staff team and appreciate the effort you try to put into your activity in-game. Great person!

Forum Moderators

olivertailby: always doing your job and surprisingly still f-mod. I appreciate how much you do to moderate the forums, even when it gets boring or seems like there's no use to be f-mod you're still here. Very nice person too!

G3meCode: don't really know you much, I'm happy you're part of the staff team again but your activity is lacking a lot. I really hope to see you more active soon.

char: I'm really happy you're part of the staff team, really nice person!