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August 2018
Aloha アロハ

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for more visit & friend N/SNES
That's a very beautiful build!
thanks :)

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I'm sorry but I'm legit dying LOL
JIMIN - Kazoodipity [by RYUSERALOVER]
Uploaded by RYUSERALOVER on 2017-09-13.
Did I really pause ski mask for this?

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Finally promoted to moderator and so happy! Now I can finally IP ban all t-mods would understand. Also big congrats to G3me , cringu , william1915 , and turtle ! Very well deserved ♡
tae평화 excuse me on the post above why did you not tag me, I was there too D: (sirbluup)
Daily dadjoke #1: Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired.
I am blocking you
no please ily
keep doing this
But then I get blocked :cry:

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I am the best builder

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Here are the staff opinions, if any former staff member who wanted to be in this but wasn't in it, feel free to pm me in discord.

- Owners -
ExplodingTNT: I don't know you much honestly. From what I know people call you inactive, not a good owner. But honestly being a YouTuber and working with real life issues is stressful and I can tell you try your best to do as much as you can for the server.

GameplayerHD: Same with tnt, don't know you much but I know you do as much as you can for the server.

- Administrators -
Nightreaper77: Great server manager. You do your best for the server and amazing with Survival. Great at SS and just a great admin. I hope to see more updates from you.

- Staff Managers -
Shird: I've said this before and still till this day, you are one of the most kindest staff member in the staff team. Honestly though, you're so kind, always glad to help and so mature. I'm still shook that we're the same age, at such a young age, you really deserve staff manager. Not only you're so kind, but your art skills are stunning. All of your art are very beautiful and so cute! Remembered you when you were just a moderator and now your staff manager, I honestly am very happy you're part of the staff team.

- Senior Moderators -
MakingMagic: You're a good staff member to me, decently active and do your best for the server. Always glad to help out, yet don't really know you much.

Duffyy: Same with Magic, don't know you much but you do your best for the server. You really love abusing the ban command, but besides that you're a good staff member to me.

- Moderators -
DashSuperCraft: I'm really happy you're still staff, after for a long time you're still a moderator? You are pretty inactive at times, but you do great for the server. You're kind and fun, I really think you should be promoted soon, after moderator for a long time already, you really deserve it.

Slyze: Pretty much the same opinion with Night. You're a very hardworking moderator, amazing at SS and PvP. To me, I really think you deserve a promotion soon, you do great for the server and just a very great moderator.

meowmir: Don't know you much nor do we talk much but you're a kind and fun guy. Decently active on the server and a good moderator.

Superoid: Great staff member, you do your best for the server and great at SS. Don't see you active much but you do good for the server and I'm happy your part of the staff team again.

CyberBullie: You were immature back then and I was hoping that would change when you got staff, and honestly I can see a lot of changes from you. You're way mature and a hardworking staff member as well. I consider you a great friend, thanks for guiding me a bit when I started screensharing and I'm really happy your moderator. You're still a bit immature to me but you changed that a lot and I'm glad you did.

graceisedgy: A very fun friend. You're so kind and funny and just really fun to hang around with. I'm glad you're staff again and such a great friend. I appreciate the effort you do for your activity for the server and forums, such a great staff member.

- Trial Moderators -
turtleisedgy: Another Australian staff member! Don't know you much but you're a great t-mod. Same with grace, I appreciate the amount of effort you put on your activity for the server and forums. I'm very happy you're part of the staff team again.

william1915: Great staff member, a hardworking one as well. You're really nice and I'm glad you're part of the staff team again, very kind, hardworking, and really active.

Cringu: Never expected you getting staff but I'm not mad about it. I really did thought of as an immature person, but really you're such a kind and funny guy. You do your best for the server and really active on the server. I really think you're a great t-mod and I'm glad we're friends.

Kiwi921: We have a lot in common honestly. You're so nice and sweet, always glad to help and I'm just really happy you're staff again. You do your very best for the server and I'm glad you're back.

G2me: Nice guy, don't really know you much but I know you were staff before and so on. You do your best for the server and have alright activity on the server.

- Forum Moderators -
olivertailby: Shook that you're still forum moderator for almost two years or so, and I'm really happy you're still here. Very hardworking and means business when it comes to your job. I'm really happy you're still here, you do amazing at your job.

510bike: You've been staff before but don't really know you much. To me, you seem to be a kind person and do great at your job, so I'm glad you're back again.

Worthi: I'm really happy you're in the staff team again. I'm so happy you're f-mod now, we've been such great friends and I'm honestly happy you're back. So far you do great at your job, congrats.

hunter1_1: I expected you getting staff honestly. You're so kind and fun, very mature and great experience. Same with Worthi, I'm really happy you're staff and I hope you do your best, congrats.

- Discord Helpers -
william1915: You're my best friend C:

Gir: I'm really happy you're discord helper, you're so sweet and mature. Always helping and making sure everything is fine, you really deserve discord helper.

Hairrr: Great discord helper, you do your best to moderate the discord and make sure everything is going well. Well deserved.

crafti: Don't know you, so I really have nothing to say about you.

booka: Same with crafti.

Sofia: Welcome back! I'm glad you're back again, you're really sweet and do decent for the discord. Don't know you much but you're really sweet.

tana: Don't know you much, but from what I know about you, you've been builder and staff. To me you seem cool.

True: I miss you doled, you've been such a great moderator on McO and you're a great discord helper as well. Really kind and helpful, always glad to help out. I really miss you and I hope everything is going well for you.

Former Staff
OrangePeels: Honestly, you're a very kind guy. I'm sad you resigned from f-mod, you were a great one and did great at your job. I hope to see you come back to the staff team again, really cool and fun guy.

Perforalia: I really think you were a good forum moderator before. Wasn't here for long to see how much you done, but from what I know, you seem to be a good forum moderator. Really chill.

frep: Amazing server manager. For being staff for a very long time is very impressive and honestly I'm really glad you've done a lot for the server. Best of luck to you.

Joshb_: Another amazing server manager. I'm glad you've done a lot for the server and really sad you left. You're really nice and I'm really glad you were part of the team, best of luck to you.

FutureTech: I know many people thought of you as a bad person, but honestly you've done your best for the server. You were a great moderator, fun guy. You were a great staff member, but I really never appreciated your attitude. Yet that doesn't mean I dislike you. I really think you're somewhat good, your attitude is just what I never really liked about you. Other then that, you're a good moderator and great friend.
I wonder how many people actually read the whole staff opinion
~ Also I'm going to post more former staff opinions here ~
TyDesigns: Very nice guy, really cool and I'm glad you were staff before. I was really for your promotion to staff manager, you were a great one. Sadly you left, you're still a great former staff member.

PlayingPiano: I don't know how much you've done on the server, but I know you're an amazing builder and great staff member. I hope to see you part of the staff team again. Great friend.

Char: You were a great forum moderator, you've done your best and I'm glad you came back to give it a chance again. A really nice friend.

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Well staff opinions have started ever since frep released his, I guess I should make one as well and cause I was bored. If this post gets eight likes, I'll do a staff opinions which will have former staff members and discord helpers.

If you're a former staff member and would like to be in this, dm me in discord.


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Best of luck to you frep . Great admin, done his best for the server and was probably one of my favorite admins. Hope to see you accomplish big things in your future!

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Today I have brought you all a beautiful build of OrangePeels built by the best builder of them all, PlayingPiano
July 2018

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- Decided to make an introduction about my self -
Hello there, I'm tae and I'm a trial moderator on McOrigins. I've been around McO for two years and decided to join the forums in 2017. I was pretty inactive in the forums when I first joined, since the reason of me joining was to report a few players and wanting to read the rules. After a while, I decided to stay a bit active on the forums. I'm 13 years old and probably one of the youngest staff member in the team. Before I was promoted to trial moderator, I was a forum moderator for about two months. I won't be a trial moderator for long now since now my last week on my trial is coming up.

I'm into K-pop and enjoy listening to music. I have a love issue when it comes to anything cute, animals, cute drawings, or stuff animals. If you want to get to know each other more you can message me in discord c:
- Discord -
♡ Update ♡
My discord is tae#1421

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There goes my batch buddy, Alfie was a great staff member );

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TBH: Um well i don't really know you but you seems cool, sorry i don't really have much to say since we only talked once before and it was 2 minutes ago lol I can relate to your last post too, we should talk so I can do a proper TBH after getting to know you better :)
we should get to know each other! I'd like to talk to you more as well ♡

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I can go sleeping for three days without waking up and not question my laziness

♡ I love it ♡

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char was a great forum moderator and an amazing friend. She really never deserved a demotion, best of luck to you char ♡