Hello, My Fellow ArmA II players.
My name is NGC Gen. Kowalski.
I'm the Founder of the National Gaming Clan also the current leader.

NGC is a Realism Unit that is starting out in ArmA II. We are not new to ArmA we have been here for a good half a year
And would like Recruits. As you join the website you will be a trainee. (With NGC T as a tag) There is also a Ranking System. Using The American Military Ranks

The NGC has the potential to hold around 50 - 100 members and 10 - 20 Moderator *these spots are available.*

There are currently The command structure of

Leader(s) 1-3 *Full*

Co-Leaders 3-6 none*

Squad Leaders 1-4 *3 spaces*

Squads 1-4

Fire Teams *2 in each Squad*

In ArmA II we will be doing training Exercises 3-6 hours long *YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THEM*

There's a BASIC version and ADVANCED version upon completion of the BASIC one you gained 1 million points to spend? after completing ADVANCED to gain 2 Million to spend on the shop for Guns and Special guns.

Please come join at http://ngcnationalgamingclan.enjin.com/ or even on TEAMSPEAK 3 at