I've used Enjin as a platform for well over a decade...

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"The first website I ever made was for a Halo 3 clan, back in 2007. I've watched the platform gradually evolve and take off."

Initially when Enjin was created, some of the customization was limited due to technology at the time, CSS was rather limited, the theme editor was lackluster with minimal themes to choose from, and there weren't a ton of modules to choose from. However, it created a springboard for people to manage their gaming communities online, and to bring people together - and it did this very, very well.

Fast forward to 2018, and you'll find that the platform has grown beyond imagination, Enjin offers so much to communities that you will never be able to use every module or feature they offer on one website. This allows the end user so much customization for what they want from the platform, with easy to use element tags for custom styling, and Javascript support.

Some of the best highlights of the platform are
  • Custom CSS styling that can be applied to everything but the login page
  • Theme editor for those who aren't well versed with CSS or HTML
  • Simple module management and implementation with seamless API integration
  • Minecraft plugins and associated modules
  • Easy recruiting
  • Tag and permissions automation
  • Easy to implement donations, shop and group-pay modules
  • Join a platform with millions of gamers from all walks of life, and easily bring them together
  • Cheap monthly subscriptions that offer so much more customization
  • Most of the branding can be removed
  • Email and notifications automation
  • Easy events scheduling
  • Simple and elegant character management

It would be a disservice to the platform to not mention the few downsides of the platform, they are few and far between, however there are things that haven't been improved over the years
  • Long support times
  • Long lead times for module implementation and bug fixes
  • No modification of system pages due to concerns over security risks
  • Permissions systems associated with tags are relatively lackluster, and no ability to limit permissions of specific staff members
  • Can't remove branding from login/register pages

Overall, I can safely recommend Enjin, as it is a platform I have continually come back to over the last 10+ years. I've comfortably given them thousands of dollars over that time, and will continue to do so. While it does have shortcomings, it is an ever-evolving project that has grown beyond my wildest dreams. It has given me the drive to learn programming, graphic design, and web development. It's a great springboard for anyone aspiring to run a community, a template to practice their skills, or to showcase their work.
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Truly appreciate your feedback. Thank you for continuing to use our service.

Best wishes to you and your communities!
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Posted Sep 2, 18
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