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We are currently looking for active players to join us in Blade & Soul !
Vengeance Website

Guild Overview

We're an international gaming community focusing on team oriented fun on all platforms. Currently Vengeance has focused attention to Blade and Soul and will be actively recruiting interested players on the Cerulean Order side. Vengeance is a guild established for decades, and continues to strive as a family of phenomenal players. We're not your average hype train guild looking to fluff up for a game, we're looking for players who will continue beyond normal means to achieve true excellence as a group. Vengeance gives respect to everyone in the games we play.

Blade and Soul Recruitment Overview
Clan Name: Vengeance
Faction: Cerulean Order
Time Zone: NA Eastern - Pacific
Active Playtime: 5PM - 2AM EST
Focus: Hardcore PvX
Official Release Server: Old Man Cho
VoiP: Mumble

Vengeance Guidelines

  • Vengeance asks that players who wish to actively pursue PvP be on Voice Chat at all times. Communication, coordination, and strategy is key to a Vengeance player. We hold our standards high. We expect our members to perform on the best of their abilities and we expect our members to work as a team. Voice Chat is also required during any other group filled activity
  • No Fighting among members, There's zero tolerance for childish bickering, we don't promote over-inflated egos, and we don't push around our own. Vengeance builds a family that will play together for years to come.
  • No Cheating, No scamming, No bots....Just don't break the rules that are in place to make the game fun for everyone.
  • Have Fun! Vengeance isn't some strict military school, we're gamers! We all want to have fun, and we want to have fun together!
  • Be Active! This doesn't mean you have to show up everyday, Vengeance only ever asks that if you say you're going to be there...you do your best to be there. Life is there, and will always hinder us from wanting to game all day. We understand
Click on the banner to see our site. Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to post here, message me, or contact us on our site!
Welcome to Vengeance!