Enjin Is Awesome!

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Well it looks like it's about that time.
I first found enjin through a community/clan around June last year. Loved how the sites looked when I found out it was enjin that created this fantastic website hosting. Really simple to use and has fantastic features for an even better price. I started building my first site last year in August, changed my life when I started to heavily get into graphics and helping people out. Looking back my graphics where absolutely horrible but I had great feedback on them.

Now I can manage to do pretty good graphics and make websites for people very simply.
Thanks to enjin for opening up great possibilities to people through out the web. You guys here did a fantastic job, for that I salute you!

Your fellow designer,
Posted Mar 1, 12 · OP
I agree, Enjin is freakin awesome. Easy, simple, cheap :)
Posted Mar 12, 12
Enjin is the perfect resource for clans and guilds. Before enjin, I worked with a clan that used three different providers for domain, site management, and forums. Then we added facebook and google plus. That was a full time job just keeping track of everything. With enjin, you get everything...for FREE. The upgrade plans do offer a lot more features. Mt advice to anyone thinking about starting a clan, use enjin. You will save yourself time and money, and your site will look 100x better for it.
Posted Mar 12, 12
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