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Apr 6, 18
Posted by Ben
Featured Friday- Survive Stormont
WolvesEthereal: The community began in late 2015 as a simple Facebook group for a server I decided to create, the ark community itself was pretty damn toxic and I wanted to create a community different from that, we started out with a simple Facebook group, but Facebook itself is toxic so eventually I moved to Enjin, where people could express themselves in ways which they wanted to without having their personal life on display, having an application form prevented us from getting toxic players and got us the right kind of people in our community.
WolvesEthereal: Our goal is to become bigger, better and more inclusive. we would like to create a host of servers for all kinds of games, with one unified community. Our history is a journey to achieve that, and we are constantly improving.
WolvesEthereal: It's not easy, it will sometimes feel like a full time job, Don't give up (sometimes you'll feel like it) I find the best way to inspire myself is to create a visual representation of what I am trying to achieve, whether that be a logo, some form of artwork, or even just writing it down to manage it easier.
Aside from that the best advice I could give is listen to your community, we run a lot of decisions democratically so that players are directly involved in the direction the community is going.
WolvesEthereal: I have spent alot of money making the website more user friendly and mobile responsive, It would be a great benefit if this was a feature rather than something I've had to work for seperately, The enjin app only displays latest forums and is in no way optimised for the full experience I'm trying to create.
A feature I would love to see right away, is making user profiles editable from an admin side, as much as we have edited the website, we have not been able to make profiles mobile responsive or alter them in any way other than theme.
WolvesEthereal: Unless Enjin could use an API to integrate it into the games themselves (which itself would be a difficult task) , it would serve no purpose for us, I could see it working with a Minecraft community store quite well.
WolvesEthereal: Shoutout to My Admin team , Cheyenne, Tom & Albie, big thank you to our staff members who help push the narratives and keep me sane. Massive thank you to Atslayer (Rebuilt our website
Shoutout to Scott Gaunt designs for creating our logo!

Also, my community is running a charity 24 hour stream on April 14th 2018 raising funds for
Macmillan Cancer Research (F*** Cancer)

if you could help in anyway, please do
If you are interested in joining a Ark: Survival Evolved Community and would love to connect with fellow gamers that have similar interests, Survive Stormont is the community to join! Check out the their Survive Stormont for more info on their community!
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