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Wetz689   shared this image...
DuelScythe   I promise I'll play nice. Please add me as your friend.
DuelScythe   Hello Cat. Welcome back.
DuelScythe   This...is hilarious.
Finally found original upload of the prank footage: http://w...
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DuelScythe   shared this video...
The World of Skyrim
This new video offers a sneak peek at the majestic world and...
Sukiluv   My gosh, it has been to long! Message me! I miss my buddy, and happy b-day!
Glasious   Happy birthday!
xAVENGERLDZx   Happy "birthday" blasting :d
DuelScythe   What's up man?
Dredd1973   You okay over there? You're not posting much, haven't seen you in game much - anyway, your presence in the group is missed. Hopefully you'll be at game night tonight.
BlastingCat   I'm aliiiiive! Or at least I think I am. Who knows these days with end of the world this and rapture that.
DuelScythe   Cat....
BlastingCat   Yes...?
DuelScythe   Blarg...
DuelScythe   Cat...how did you update your Reach avatar on b.net?
BlastingCat   I didn't do it, someone else did it
Sukiluv   Blarge?
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