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RTGRIchu2l16l11   To any one who would like to come to RTG messages me
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Kris   Hey Brutha, wounder if you could give me the SR130 tag ?
Kris   And the Brigader General thingy to, if you dont mind.
RTGRIchu2l16l11   it is fine
Kris   Thanks bud
RTG TitanFall   Hey richu since i have been promoted to JCD. May i please have my account on the website updated?
RTGRIchu2l16l11   got u man
RTG Terminator   Hey Richu could you please update my rank on the site now that I'm a general?
RTGRIchu2l16l11   you got it man
FOXTROT (SEAHAWKS)   Hey dude u need to make either me or crysis moderators because phantoms computer doesnt work....
RTGRIchu2l16l11   ok i wil get on that right now
RTG iTz Crysis   Can you make the forum For black ops
J ILLUMINATE   shared this image...
Kris   Hey man, wounderd if you could help me out with the SR130 please.
RTGRIchu2l16l11   Ya I can help u
Kris   Yea i forgot, the SR130 award X)
Sorry, and the BGen if you dont mind.
Kris   Yea sorry i ment the award for the SR130. sorry.
And the Bgen if you have any.
RTG TitanFall   Hey bro can you update my rank and stuff on the website please?
Scare Crow   blarg...
RTG HarleyQuinn   o.o
RTG HarleyQuinn   shared this link...
Men's Hooded Sweatshirt
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RTG HarleyQuinn   [link] that link should work
RTG HarleyQuinn   shared this video...
RTG Halo Tribute Video
After recently joining RTG, i decided i needed to give back ...
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Scare Crow   boom headshot!
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RTGRIchu2l16l11   I am going to a gaming expo next month and I am going to record thr hole thing
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OPG MP EVAs ∞   cool man hope to see it
OPG MP EVAs ∞   this are the Halo 4 Ranks and Emblem

Private- 13 toggled Grunt
Corporal- 13 Grunt
Sergeant- 3 toggled Triad
Master Sergeant- 3 Triad
1st Sergeant- 5 toggled Wasp
Sergeant major - 5 Wasp
Chief warrant officer 30 Pirate White Swords
Chief warrant officer 30 Pirate Ice Swords
Chief warrant officer 30 Pirate Coral Swords
Chief warrant officer 30 Pirate Maroom Swords
Chief warrant officer 30 Pirate Steel Swords
2nd Lieutenant- 22 toggled Flaming Ninja
1st Lieutenant- 22 Flaming Ninja
2nd Captain- 25 toggled Black Widow
1st Captain- 25 Black Widow
Major- 33 Skill King
LT Colonel- 28 toggled Valkyrie
Colonel- 28 Valkyrie
Brigadier General- 31 Helmet
General- 29 Spartan Helmet
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