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I code the Sky Series plugins and own Skycraft(skycraftmc.net)
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Home of the SkySeries plugins, this RPG server has an epic storyline, friendly staff, and great gameplay.
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ℳɑɠ¡¢¡ɑℕ Frenimi ッ   I think you're an awesome and smart person...without SpookyCraft would be boring! I just wanted to say thanks ! :d
fghdsdfg   i was banned then unbanned but i can't get into WoM :(
Tails3564   Hello uh I just wanted to ask if its possible to move everythin from a character over to another for example tiers, lvl, etc...... on WOM
ℳїтḉнℯʟ ツ   So I Tel u
I bought Ghost ages ago then I bought shadow about christmas time BUT i didnt Ghost -Shadow a didnt stack so i have my ghost rank stil on me can i change theat into a coloured name or coloured wrighting?
ℳїтḉнℯʟ ツ   Oh and tech im sorry for forum spamming :)
EKPlog   Technius i need to ask you something!
Technius   I can't help you there, sorry. You try to read the documentation of your permissions plugin.
EKPlog   i have no lcue how to do anything with permissions and ranks D: i want to have a good server like this one! but if i dont have perms i cant! D:
EKPlog   Technius i no how to do the permissions but the only thing is i dont know how to make it so they can build. :/ reply please?
pablo10003   can you help me
Yourself_Man   he doesnt have to accept ur friend request u know
QWERTYrat   Tech why can`t we be friends why can`t we be friends(seriously why won`t you accept my friend request
QWERTYrat   you could at least deny :(
ツ denver1108 ツ   i might quit sc im so bored no one is ever on if u want me to stay post on my wall if i get alot of posts if i dont im quitting sincerly denver1108 DD:
legomanalan   hey hey hey
ツ ★ StormeR149 ★ ツ   we need to ban fred727 from website hes like spamming me on my wall with pls unban me i was hacked unab me please i was hacked! and im like omg go away stop askign to be unbanned and he already made dispute'S! and they were all saying he is not going to be unbanned and im like STOP ALREADY!! :angry:
Warlord_0067   Please deal with the fucking asshole "fred727" I tried to be nice to him, but he made me lose all of my patience.
Warlord_0067   So I am getting a powercolor hd 5450 for my media center PC. (HP Pavillion a1250n). The slot in the motherboard is a PCIe 1.0, and the hd 5450 is a pcie 2.1 card. I have heard that there is comaptibillity issues with pcie 2.1 and 1.0, but will it work? I'm also wondering if the hd 5450 is good for playing back HD video on a 50 inch TV.

Best regards,
EKPlog   i havent got my custom title yet!
Technius   Why are you bugging me about this?
EKPlog   technius nvm i got it.
Warlord_0067   Hi Technius, I have a few questions. They are not related to Spookycraft.

As you may know, I am planning on buying a new video card. I have narrowed it down to 2 options. The EVGA GTX 280, and the Radeon HD 6770.
Which one is better for D3, BF3, Crysis 2, ETC. I am also curious since they are both PCIe 2.1 cards, and I have a PCIe 2.0 slot, are they compatiable? Thanks for your time.

Best regards,
Technius   I don't use NVIDIA products, but I've had good experiences with ATI Radeon cards. The Radeon HD 6770 is a pretty good one.

For your second question... [link]
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