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Volim te HAJDUCE!!!!!
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Tron' Vandamous Au   shared this video...
Au.studios.@Sangheili Community @SeparatistLegion.com@outloo...
(Sul Incasune has no rights to this label or the separatist ...
Hajduk   Did you know that pigu is on japanese pig :DDD
Hajduk   Setting up a shop.....AGAIN
! Jackstar989 !   Can I help in ur shop? :)
Hajduk   Me back(was banned for 1 day)
budsmcduff   woot
! Jackstar989 !   Yay when do u want to play together I am going to be
On In two days can u go on then?
Hajduk   i am almost all the time on the server and everyday just send me a tpa in game or a msg me at the forums
Hajduk   shared this video...
Take a Chance
Soundtrack from the album Yogscast-Shadow of Israphel Discla...
Hajduk   Trolling at a bus.......LIKE A BOSS!
Hajduk   I am so feeling sad right now my mod app was rejected and nothing could cheer me up but the yogscast can.So sad that i didnt get the rank :( ill try it again in 3 weeks
⊙ annihilaterq ⊙   Yes. but after being a useless idiot who has to help people for a while, you become useful.
! Jackstar989 !   U have to keep ur hopes up keep trying u will get it
One day :)
Hajduk   Thanks Jack :)
! Jackstar989 !   Hey can u Post on my wall that would be awesome
Hajduk   CentralEuropeanTime zone needs more staff!!!
Domi   Yep but they dont care
Hajduk   I know but its a little bit unfair....
Hajduk   Everyday im shufflin!
Hajduk   As voting is reset Legendary Craft needs your help.

Lets show the world that we always are #1 server!

Go vote for yourself and LC right now.

You can even win a nice shiny rank each month!

Top 5 voters gets one!

Paste this comment if you agree!!
TheChampTF   Read more about voting here: [link]
TheValkyre   ^
Hajduk   Posted my Moderator App and i hope it would be approved.Wish me Luck :)
Liked this
ManImAwsome   Same With Me :d
Hajduk   Friends :p
Liked this
ManImAwsome   Yey Finally :p
ManImAwsome   Friend......? :d
Hajduk   I found 2Beast in his contest in spawn and won 10000.EPIC!
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