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Johnbmwtech   Can U Delete [link] U Havent Used IT In 2 years and I Really Would LIke That Name Plus My USers Keep Applying On There
brennan101   oh that explains alot I will delete it
brennan101   register on the site so i can transfer the ownership
Johnbmwtech   U made mrd Admin On Site? Mine Is Johnbmwtech i Made an Account
brennan101   Anyone into trolling ir looking for a PC all around clan to join?
brennan101   This is a message to all eclipse crafters. If any of you are out there please contact me. Miss you all.
theKunz   you can find us Eclipscrafters at [link] (server IP) and [link] (our website)
MC_Renwick   sup.
MC_Renwick   I have watched over EC's (now known as NebulaCraft) progression for a while. its quite nice now. I do miss you all too. :)
Just Spink   Hai
TreyTheTrojan   hey how much have you donated? 80$? i had to pay for badmoejoe or else i would have 20 il be donateing more soon hopefully 20 more
billkill007   you're banned, but you're co-owner...
TreyTheTrojan   ...your banned?
billkill007   D: YOU'RE A NEWBIE
AlexPoatato   brennan how come it says I am banned?
frogetet   go to /warp thepad on legendarycraft.
dragogal04   basically zac screwed us over, we will be having a site up at eclipsecraft.ORG, i also have a temp server at [link] this is the new vent [link]
iamlegend123   May I join :)
dragogal04   of course!
TreyTheTrojan   do oyu have a xbox if you do add me im QuizzicalAgate2 :) got ne for christmas :)
TreyTheTrojan   merry christmas havent seen you in a wile.... ( :( )
TreyTheTrojan   bluehoneymonkey greifed me at aquatica
theKunz   Hey, are you gonna rebuild aquatica (or start a new town) once the new server comes back up? If you do, I can build the town public facilities if you want.
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