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blackdust79   well... death im sorry you got banned..... but hawk-eye doesnt lie. newcastle is not moving forwards.. you may have a chance at unban when you honestly tell them you have learned from the actions and take in what you did... Yield also said you may be unbanned when your brother is...
death0003   Yah I know im sorry and i have learned from my actions
blackdust79   well... it was nice to have you as a friend....
Idellechi   Sorry Death, I don't know why you're banned. Something about one of my friends, Austin? I really don't know.
death0003   Its not letting me when i try to click on it all it does is just stay there like tht I'll try again
death0003   I wish I could become a mod :(
death0003   Guess what now my friend Xcoaster blocked me i dont know why but this isnt right here
blackdust79   hi friend
death0003   hi back at u
blackdust79   can you accept me as friend?
death0003   yea dude i got banned for something i didnt do
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