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Dont mess with a girl gamer.. ;) - DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx AKA G1RL5C4NPL4YCOD2
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DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Watch guys! :) <33
I Want to be a Singer! :') | DUDE, love effin' SUCKS! :[
Comment if you guys want me to! :) The gurl that I was laugh...
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Happy Valentine's Dayy ! ;] <3
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DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   I guess I'm gonna talk about myself and campers for my next com.. Since some ppl suggested I talk about myself.. Any other ideas? I'm trying to be creative :)
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DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   -So I seriously better get MW3 tomorrow or my parents are dead! -_____- Need to get my grades up ASAP Lml
ALpHa_xHoGx   u shud lol but my ps3 isnt turnin on via like an hour ago so i better get a new 1 with xmas money or fix the fukin thing
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Wow really? Maybe you need to let it cool down or clean the dust off. If that doesn't work, you're screwed :p Lol
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   I haven't been on youtube for a whileeee O.O
ALpHa_xHoGx   ya whereve u been noob
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   I was on a reallyyy longgg vacation :p Lol
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Well, so far there isn't any trolls on my vid.. I'm actually getting tons of nice comments <3
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DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   203 subs! I'm so happy.. ; )
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DeZzy_xHoGx   Hello! :)
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DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Blasting music ;)
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Dammit I hate school T__T.... Lol, Commentary will probs be up Saturday.. I hardly get on ps3 now cause of all my school work.. so not fair </3
ZeTa_xHoGx   I kno how u feel, schools been cuting up my xbox time :/ </3
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Yeahh ;(
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Samee :d <3
ALpHa_xHoGx   also change your nam eon th site to Desired hog ( Lizzor watever if u font mind. u go to ur info
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Desired HoG? That's not my name Lol.. It's DiiS4ST3R HoG... I got the name from my best "guy" friend <3.. his name is iMoDz_DiiS4ST3R :d
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   YESSS!!! 105 subs!! :d TehPaniic is my lucky 100th subscriber <3
ALpHa_xHoGx   SWEEEEEEEET ! make a post in the forums :)
ZeTa_xHoGx   congrats :d
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   @ALpHa_xHoGx YEAHH BUDDY :d @Pena Thank you! Aww you're soo nice <3
ALpHa_xHoGx   they didnt hav it :( is there any other songs????
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Umm.. how about bad meets evil- lighters?
ALpHa_xHoGx   sure thing
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   <3
ALpHa_xHoGx   hey make sure you add the people with psn symbols by there name on the members page :)
DiiS4ST3R_xHoGx   Okay, I will ;) <3
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