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Verbaluk   i moslty like orintel shades of clours like yellows reds green blues.
I dunno about dimesnions at all really so ill say maybe bit bigger then standred signature size.
Erm the pic be cool to have one with him in his wierd clothe styles
Lurna   So im not sure if something like this is what you are looking for. but take a look. make sure it is Verbal. I kept getting the two confused because they looked similar with glasses >< [link] If you like it take it, if not i can try something different after
Lurna   Alright. i wont have it done until late tonight or tomorrow because I work a double shift. What colors do you prefer, and do you have a specific picture I should use? also the dimensions of the siggy? My pic is a CG art I believe. Probably not from any type of anime
Lurna   So Ill try and make you a signature

I assume he is the emcee so hopefully i choose the right pictures
m-flo verbal - Google Search
Link Description
Verbaluk   soo bored give gw2s nows
Highlander   Tara Taaannnnnn Tara Taaannnn
Verbaluk   spam is meat in a can and is yukky so ihave soem spam for you [_] a can of spam with no lid for you
CarBENbased   EEEEWWWWW... it's probably gone rancid by now :p Welcome to the guild!
Farhan   And so is this.
Farhan   This is spam.
Farhan   Verbalicious! You need your first spam! I'll do the honors. ;)
Verbaluk   thank you both very much
Cannibal Kitten   welcome to the guild Verbal :d
Lovehugs   Just thought i'd pop your wall cherry bro.
Liked this
Lovehugs   How you gonna act Aaracia?
Farhan   DAMN ALL OF YOU! I just don't know how you get to new members so fast.. >_<
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