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Sir Moonlington   Afternoon Mr. McIntosh. It has come to my attention that we do not talk anymore. Furthermore, we need to fix this said problem. Feel free to hit me up. I get bored. Meh. -Moon.
Scottishbobby   I concur. I think we need to get 'Jacked up as fuck' on some good old fashioned Methamphetamine.
Sir Moonlington   Sir. We haven't gotten fucked up yet. Find dat shiiiiiit.
Scottishbobby   Happy New Year!

Mo chairdean choir, slàinte mhòr agus a h-uile beannachd duibh! Alba gu brath!
(My dear friends, great health and every good blessing to you! Scotland forever!)

Bliadhna mhath ur, Beannachd Dia dhuit!
(Happy New Year, Blessings of God be with you!)

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rocketboy4221   GREAT SCOTT!
Scottishbobby   Chips ahoy, m'lad.
rocketboy4221   LAND HO! THE AMERICAS!
Scottishbobby   Let us secure ourselves some native wenches!
Scottishbobby   We'll mak' oor land Republican in the Scottish breakaway...
Scottish Breakaway by Alex Campbell.wmv
Picture of the front cover of The Scottish breakaway from Ni...
QueenOfQueens   Project Farm Alliance is goin swell... business booming, new customers, fresh crop. All is happy :d - I have directed all customers I am getting to you as well. We shall strike this market!!!!!!!! ENF PRIDE!!!!!! <<< (ok I had to add that)
QueenOfQueens   Oh darkness.... Do you just check this profile for fun??? :p
rocketboy4221   *Cough* someone is resting *Cough*
Sir Moonlington   Be my fwiend, Ferdinand!
Scottishbobby   I am your friend, little moonscar.
Sir Moonlington   Hi
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Just Spink   Was too lazy for making the arms :3
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Just Spink   I call it "the armless Scott"
Hotpancake   The French will crush your Scottish army, sir!
Scottishbobby   French Repulsion on the 25/2/13.

Thats all I need to give you.
Just Spink   ....... :3
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Scottishbobby   So much WIN!
Intel   Archduke Ferdinand? Woah...
Scottishbobby   Yep
Just Spink   Let me touch your mustache
Scottishbobby   Kk
1440sports   hey did i ever get the house? cus i just got locked outta them chests you made for me :(
theKunz   A)New ventrilo server at [link]
B)Dragogal's temporary EC server at [link]
C)FoxDoji and admins recently bought the domain [link]
D)FoxDoji and admins saved skylands moments before this debacle.
E)FoxDoji and admins has a save of the regular map from a month ago.
F)You WILL get your old maps back, though the regular map will be rolled back by about a month.
G)EC will return within a few days.

Copy this and spread the word to any EC member you find.
When talking to EC members in OC, talk to them privately.
Scottishbobby   2nd Part
scottishbobby trolling ending
Uploaded by accidentpr0 on 2011-11-17.
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