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Poet OneOfMany   lol spess i still love ya bro :)
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IXL Spess   Hey poet, how's everything going mate?
Gainer84   Poet...don't forget to sign in when you get online buddy!
Poet OneOfMany   dang. thanx man i totally did forget. ur a life saver gainer :) take it easy man.
hypothetichippo   Poet congrats on the new job!
IXL Spess   Sorry to see you're going mate.
Best of luck with everything & check back in when you can.
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CRAZED MIDGET   HEY man Nice gameplay on your youtube channel(34-0)
Poet OneOfMany   Thanx man :) im glad you enjoy!!
hypothetichippo   Quote: "oh, and Gainer.... Im jelly of your mbps. Mines only 30 :(" What the F?!?! ....Mine is about 3. :'(
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Gainer84   Poet, I saw your question about gaming times. Most of us are EST. I would say you can find us online anywhere from 16:00-23:00 EST. I've noticed lately that most of the guys are on around 19:00-22:00. Hope that helps? Weekends vary, people are on and off all day! Good luck with school!
Poet OneOfMany   thanx guys for all the positive comments, sorry i haven't wrote back, but i just saw all the comments today, lol. still figuring the site out. i enjoy playing with you guys and hope to continue kickin bootie with ya :p
Gainer84   Good gaming with you last night! Thanks for all the lifts!
Coriantumr   Great games man...if you need any help with the site or anything else let me know. I can point you in all the right directions help you out, or whatever. We have a whole lot of people here that know a whole lot of crap so if you need anything let us know.
Coriantumr   Welcome to AoG
Gainer84   Welcome to THE AoG!
CRAZED MIDGET   It was nice playing with you yesterday dude, WELCOME
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