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oyarzun   Hello it's been a while, what servers are you playing on ? I know a server you would love, look up MagicCraft in my communities joined, then sign up. It would be nice to catch up.
Essendon19   I come on occasionally to play Hunger Games servers with my other friend, but yeah I havn't actually played for maybe, 3-4 months
oyarzun   ess come on LC smp
Essendon19   Need to be white listed?
oyarzun   white listed ?
oyarzun   Hi there
Essendon19   hi
Dragoniz3r   hi ess!

My MC isnt working :(
Essendon19   Hey, how come?
Dragoniz3r   It says that I need a new version of MC, but I font have a choice for getting a new one. I just plain cant
Essendon19   Bit.. Bored of minecraft lately
oyarzun   i noticed its been a while
Trenton   join terradome(Im on there) lol
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Essendon19   might just leave lostcraft...
oyarzun   ess noooooooooo
oyarzun   why you guys leave ??
cheeseometer   do it, i did
Essendon19   Getting an Alienware gaming laptop!
So excited!
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Montgomeryw   same here hopefully dont know yet though have to wait for christmas
oyarzun   i haven seen you in ages :(
oyarzun   im still winning by about 100 !!!! XD
Trenton   100 what?
Trenton   ohh, views. Your popular. 287 views
oyarzun   im winning !!!!! :d
Essendon19   [link]
oyarzun   im wining in views XD O-{-[
oyarzun   muhahahahahhahahaha
oyarzun   im beeting you in views XD
oyarzun   your beting me by 6 views XD
oyarzun   to bad fb is down =(
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