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i made my skin based on this character :)
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rizthecoolest   is your server named dancingkitteh
joeycute   yes! i've been in this server since last year :d
rizthecoolest   i was on it a while ago :)
joeycute   oh yeah but u have to apply first here: [link]
rizthecoolest   Hey umm joey when are you going to be back on? :d
joeycute   hey riz, my old server finally up :)
if u want to join:
IP: [link]
web: [link]
BigMattTheBest   Hello joey...How you dooin?
joeycute   hey matt!
sorry cant be on for a while.. i have mounts of assignment right now..
hows u and everyone? :d
kingofwreckage36   hi joey*rapeface*
joeycute   just be patient :d
i also missed everyone >.<
kingofwreckage36   everyone missed you too :)
joeycute   im making new skin while waiting for the server :d
rhigosrebel   is it ever coming back up?
joeycute   it will :)
rhigosrebel   shared this link...
Weird and Wonderful pack (WORK IN PROGRESS) Minecraft Textur...
Please leave suggestions for blocks! some blocks i cant think of so help me out please! this is a community texture i will listen to your ideas to create this pack :D if you want t...
rhigosrebel   [link]
moviestar100   uuuuuuhhhh.......
you are a boy, right?
joeycute   u guess? :d
DeadlyMoose   i like to call joey it
joeycute   you deserved better based on your pic moose :3
DeadlyMoose   add me
joeycute   sorry i wasnt look at this wall often x_x
ok you're the FIRST :p
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