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1800gofuckyourself   [link]
Newfie190   Successfully scrolled through ALL of your wall ^.^
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Lordhappyface   do u have the worlds 1-5 and can i have them please
Master, The Nubcake of I-Teerum   Still never on UC..........
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JLLBEE   That you for your donations to UC and Morts World!
mortibite   Thanks for donation. We miss you Reeveykins
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optiondisabled   Pffffthhhhh!
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ツAwe❤ |(畏敬の念)|   I'll miss you man.

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LivLive29   new map or just update?
EXTERMINATOR   shared this video...
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EXTERMINATOR   shared this video...
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Exterm   Sorry Wreeves.
packermine   are you the owner
simran160467   He is. I never met him though
Jaw_zilla   I've seen him on. He doesn't talk much, though
gridraptor   something has happened in UC... i cant /fly i cant /warp theres no colors of names... UC is broken
Newfie190   Yes, it is, it's been fixed now.
Master, The Nubcake of I-Teerum   Why cant i chat on uc?
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