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Sonfax the Explorer   Follow my Star Wars blog! [link]
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Vasilli Bev'miir   Just followed you!
Sonfax the Explorer   Here's the menu I made for the Emerald Star in Everquest Next Landmark! Thanks to everybody who came down for the Grand Opening, it was a blast!
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Big Panda   I need to work here
Sonfax the Explorer   If you play Landmark then definitely talk to us! We're hiring.
Sayon   Aaaaand now I'm hungry. Curse you, Sonfax... CURSE YOU!
Sonfax the Explorer   Tomorrow night, Friday April 11th, at 8 PM EST on Determination - Cave is the Emerald Star Inn & Tavern Grand Opening! I hope to see a lot of you there.
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Sonfax the Explorer   Happy birthday Billy Dee Williams!
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Sonfax the Explorer   I'd rather not get into another MMO right now, but this image from ArcheAge looks really inviting. I'm already thinking about character types. :( I'm going to keep my eyes on it and see where it goes.
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Sonfax the Explorer   I'm going to focus on EQN Landmark for now, but I'll definitely watch this to see where it goes. :d
Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire!   Oh and I'll even let you build your house/diner on my land to sir, we go way back so you know its cool with me.
Sonfax the Explorer   Yeah haha, you know about my thoughts on working with others and exceptions on that. I haven't said yes (yet) :p
Lucitie   Seelund is planning on rolling on Rebellion : Fjord when the Landmark servers go live. Look there for us!
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Sonfax the Explorer   My username is Sonfax
Lucitie   I sent a message to the webmaster. You should have access already :)
Sonfax the Explorer   I do! Thanks :d
Sonfax the Explorer   shared this image...
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Sonfax the Explorer   shared this video...
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Sonfax the Explorer   EQN Landmark is a lot of fun! I've been running around but I have no idea how to do much of anything. I guess that comes with time.
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Big Panda   You know how fun a game is when you run around not doing anything and still find it fun.
Sonfax the Explorer   I almost forgot that today is the 5th birthday of the original Sonfax! [link]
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Ƭoys with Ƭhings   We'll just have to give you another SWG for that! :p
Sonfax the Explorer   I changed my desktop again! [link]
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Manizeh Aurum   Happy (belated) birthday.
Sonfax the Explorer   Thank you!!!! :d
Sonfax the Explorer   Thought I'd share my new desktop background! [link]
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Sonfax the Explorer   Wow that's really cool! That's actually a pretty awesome perspective of different things out there.
Foxberry   Tilt shift is really fun to play with.
Vhanz ~ Jericho   That just makes me want to play Starbound even more! *jumps in game*
Sonfax the Explorer   I log into TOR for the first time in months..... And it looks like Sonfax is wearing makeup all of a sudden. [link]
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Sonfax the Explorer   [link]
Vhanz ~ Jericho   Looks pretty good to me man! Should hangout with Vhanz in the clubs... Wingman!
Sonfax the Explorer   Oh yeah he doesn't look bad! I was just surprised at first, I didn't know they changed it.
Sonfax the Explorer   Finals week is this week! Two finals on Monday and Tuesday, none on Wednesday, two on Thursday, and Jazz band on Friday. Luckily my schedule this year is fairly easy! Then after this week, I have like 2 1/2 weeks off for winter break, so I'll definitely have time to find some RP in GW2 and TOR and maybe some others, if anybody is interested! Happy holidays!
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wolfswift   Can't wait to see ya around again! :d Good luck on the tests!
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