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Tomorrow is another day. I am worried you are gonna screw up the rest of your lives.
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Star Wars The Old Republic
RockRidge   Got an email at 534am est:
"Your Wait Is Over
The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. Early Game Access* has started, and you can now begin your adventure. To start playing, click on the button below and follow the steps outlined on the page. Welcome to your Star Wars™ saga."

This whole having to go to work thing is interfering with my saga...
RockRidge   <static>...caught behind enemy lines...no power...transmitting via duracell battery and ibm286...need to look for supplies...i...<static>
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RockRidge   Alive and well...not going anywhere until I get to at least play TOR!
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Sotar   Hey buddy! I posted right on top of you on the recruitment thread, my bad! :p We must have had the same idea at the same time. :lol:
RockRidge   That's so weird! I couldn't sleep...all I kept thinking in my head was 'get up and post something'.
Romulus   Earlier, I was in Vent but not at my desk. Test your mic by going to your Start Menu than Accessories. There should be a voice recorder application there. Open it and hit record, than just make noise to record and hit stop and play it back. This will be a quick test to see if your mic is installed properly. Sorry about being away too lo.
RockRidge   No apologies needed, homeslice. Thank you for helping me get started up on Vent just now. My seasoned mic is giving me an output that's very very lowwwww.
Romulus   Cool! Well you know SW:TOR is coming out with gear from RAZER? Including a headset! =]
Organos   Love the profile pic :p
Organos   Sweet! we have a tutorial thread and you can ask anyone questions if you need!
Sotar   Ya, I agree nice pic :)
Rhynin   Is that Stig's trooper brother? lol
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