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We are more than a guild, we are a sisterhood!
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A Light Role Play social guild made up of exclusivly female characters in the Star Wars the Old Republic Universe on the Ebon Hawk server.
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PandaBear   Lav you really need to respond to my messages..
Al'icya   Hey Lav! I'm back (yeah....sorry...I'm like a rolling stone - at least I have no moss).
Hope to see you soon - you are missed.

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PandaBear   Ooohh Laaaav, where did you go? :p

*hugs and kisses*
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PandaBear   We miss you hun. *hugs*
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Axia BlackRose   i miss you, im sorry i havent been on much to chat with you,i hope all is well with you and the others in the guild, and i hope to see you again soon! *hugs*
Tali   I miss you and love you very much! <3
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Lavander   I miss you too sweetie and love you very much! **hugs**
Tali   I love you!!! <3
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Charlene   xxxx
Tali   Love you lots! You are by far my #1 reason for playing!
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Drayde   Was a pleasure to meet you for a quick hello. Do hope to see you in the coming days.

Oh, and the post below is adorable.
Tali   I hope you have a great day! I love you! <3
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K'un   *poke and smile*
Tali   *hugs and kisses* <3
Tali   <3
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Tali   Hey sweetie can you check my forums permissions? I can't seem to view threads I post in members area so I can't add to them or edit them.
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