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Xennshi   Beat that! lol. Timmeh bought me this :d
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Aqusinna   whats with the Enjin PM system...doesnt show me when you are online
Fward   No idea, /unblock... here try again... Naa not sure. I see Piper on and thats it.
Aqusinna   beside the window there is a little man, you can chance that man to green (Online), Yellow (Away), or Black (Invisible). Mine is not set to online
Silvyrr   Sooo...you wrote on my wall about some missing things? I am confused lol
Silvyrr   no worries :) Are you on Stormrage? I am the GM of Dragonborn
Fward   Yeah! i am in Custos Ponderum. Stormrage is a nice realm.
Silvyrr   Absolutely it is, I am loving it! My toon name is Silvyrr if you are ever looking for someone to run with. Our guild is very outgoing and friendly :)
Noahdeer   [link]
Noahdeer   oh Fwaaaaaaaaaaaaard, thank you for being the most shadowy-est priest we have, i knew it was a good idea to give you my Arcane Mage crit-buff.
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Fward   now just to get Bane to hook a brotha up! Must have more POWER! Dark Intent!
Fward   Hmm DARK intent, Dark = Shadow imo
Aqusinna   Dark Intent is retardedly OP for Rest druids is if pops them over the 2004 Haste breakpoint
Noahdeer   powers out in college, can't. Raid tonight
Fward   No excuse, Break into the university main frame and get your game on...
Fward   Just go as yourself...
Aqusinna   [link]
Fward   ? what?
Aqusinna   [link]
Aqusinna   Think the kids will be ok with that for halloween?
Aqusinna   This would be the alternate costume: [link]
Fward   I will post my Night Owl photo soon,.... Ahh that's what I call Guild Leadership!
JudasJane   OMG THX FWARD ;) lol
Aqusinna   yup I gota say .there is something about night owls
Fward   shared this link...
Fward   My voice is just deep for a female
Fward   I am the good looking one
Fward   He is I, and I am me...
Aqusinna   Wait both people are you? I had assumed you were the one on the right with respect to the position in the photo or left when looking at it from the perspective of the average persone viewing the photo.
Aqusinna   OMG its FWARD!
Fward   Ha, Roids man roids
Aqusinna   na man, hemroids are in the back not the front like that.... unless he has a really nasty case....
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