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gamescrazy36   my tag is gamescrazy feel free to send a friend request to me or any friends u think i could enjoy playing
gamescrazy36   Hi m8 new here but looking for fellow xb gamers
trenchrat71   ow bastardo, got any pizza????
whitey71uk   Happy birthday m8 sorry its late
G I JOE05   shiny shiny :d
G I JOE05   :lol:
xX BoBsKi 1 Xx   BOLLOCKS !!!!!!:)
ATotalScrewBall   Morning Partner in crime, some good games last night and thanks for spotting the bad guys. Catch up soon Si
xX BoBsKi 1 Xx   hey guys,got the message from B1gSteve74 reccomending I look you all up,lots of you I have played BFBC2 with recently.Looking forward to some good games.Roll on BF3,autumn is too far away!!
Xolo187   I agree it is way to far away, thanks for checkin us out and joinin up bobski, look forward to more games with ya
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