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The opponents are your friends, you treat them with honor and utmost respect.
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UnicornDaWarlord   [link]
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Slize   First of all, I don't know who you are and how you found out about me. Second, hi Nathaniel.
Slize   OMG posting that on my page is like having a good deal with drugs I CANT STOP WATCHING
У£†LO   shared this link...
У£†LO   Page on our website with all our server info, including Minecraft.
Slize   Click it!
Award Gain | FREE Rewards For Collecting Points
Award Gain, where you can get every prize FREE by simply sending your unique referral link to your friends and family members, stop spending your money and get everything FREE!
Slize   Montage 2
The Minute of Ownage :: [SSK]Slize 's Montage 1 (SHORT)
My first Short montage since I had very few clips.. I tried ...
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Milk   Way to represent the clan c: _._ as a guest ;D
Slize   btw milk, I was a member 2 years ago, along when this video was made. XD
ŭņđȜѦᴆ ♥   who da F are you :?
You add me for no reason :o
Yea coz im hawt and funny slut <3 yoou too ;)
Slize   nice fake pic. :p ;)
ŭņđȜѦᴆ ♥   hows it fake
Slize   no, wait.. lol
Slize   Watch this!
Halo 2 PC :: Imperfection by SSK Slize
A Halo 2 video made for being bored.. Song: Counting Crows-U...
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Slize   thanks all of you
HellRocksz   add me on psn "hellrocksz" even though I haven't opened it since the last like 2 months? and probably won't open it for the next few years xD
Slize   I don't go on that much anymore too.. xD I haven't opened it since last year.. ahahahah
Kross #BongsToTheSky   Raikov ;D long time no see ;o
Slize   Oh Hiii Kross. :)))
Kross #BongsToTheSky   where have u been lol
Slize   School.. :d
DonUltimate   Whats up rakov
DonUltimate   i added u on Markhenser
Slize   ok. Thanks
Slize   im not mark hensar anymore my new name is kram143
iluvparties :3   lol i see your face! :o
Slize   what are you talking about? O.O
HellRocksz   Kuya!!
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§qÜÍĐ|Đяαgσиfιѕт   Can i have a profile view plz?
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Slize   lol
WEED   can i eat your soul?
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Slize   no. Can I wash your car?
§qÜÍĐ|Đяαgσиfιѕт   Sorry to bother you but can i have another profile view plz?
Prone   can i have a profile view pls
Slize   ok
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