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Everything is a perspective. Even the perception if a perspective is right or wrong.
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iiimrdms   Stupid profile picture
Ballin Stormhammer   shared this link...
Home - VitaNova - Guild website
You need to install the Flash plugin - http://www.webestools.com/
Adlephix   California gurlz...
Kazuksta   Gratz on opening your wall.
Fred.   Ok, I'm opening my all for people to congratulate me on mod. Just for now.
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Fred.   Someone, log onto this good op pvp server: [link] and 1v1 me!, :geek:
Fred.   I'm back!
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Kazuksta   Hello whoever this strange person may be.
[Eddie_Dean]   welcome back
Fred.   What fags.
Fred.   Wired magazine for august is out!, you can get dome uber cheat/method codes. I saw it in Loblaws, so my first thought would be to go there...
Fred.   Especially Reddit!, you can get free pizzas.
Fred.   My internet is being slower then a running race for people with no legs.
waterzudude   :o
Fred.   Sorry enjin friends, all 210 of you...
But if I am to get mod on Borderlands I may have to unfriend you :(
For example all of the staff have no friends or posts.
I hope not though c:
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Adlephix   I thought only ops on LC had to do that!
Fred.   212 :o
Fred.   Lets get to seven thousand views, eh?
Fred.   Hit 300 kills on graal. I've not been playing for long so I'm quite proud c:
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Adlephix   Congrats!
Fred.   Hosting a pvp tournament this weekend. My server, if anyone wants to be white listed: just ask. I will also be recording the fights for y'all to see.
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GoldenNitro   ill join
Fred.   I logged onto LC, killed nooby ranked people: such as Sanothia and Beast. LC is not as fun; in my opinion, I much prefer Borderland and Cursecraft. People on LC are fags when they die, lol. And they don't even have ct, something crucial to have...
Domi   ip?
Fred.   [link]
Turning into [link] soon*
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