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Deaths Ravin   damn I go have a baby finally get back to where I can get on and the clan is no more wth well if your going to pc gaming let me know what your playing maybe I can get on and kill you some its been a ride
Demon of Razgriz   The Specs for the PC version of BF4 are on the 3rd page of the BF4 thread, 3rd post from the bottom, its a link.
Demon of Razgriz   Check out the BF4 thread, I added some new info
RPM94   BITCH!!!!
Deaths Ravin   happy b day
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diesel93   Thanks mate!
tinedfungus1222   i am woundering is it true if you play halo4 before november 20 you get 6 specilizations/ dont know how to spell sorry :(
D34DXxD3STR0Y3R   Hey sorry I've been afk and mia I have been really busy with work and school and haven't made it on web site in a while and I am goin try to make it to brn on tues and what days do u get on xbl cause I try to catch u on there but I never can
diesel93   Oh really now?
Hells Assailent   Fear my profile! I updated my games list XD
Hells Assailent   Apparently you only own Halo 3 and Halo: Reach Wolfskull23. You must feel ashamed to call yourself a gamer!
diesel93   what? Never even heard of it.
Captain Levi (slayerofall442)   hello?
Welcome to the UNSC
diesel93   Lol Assailent
Hells Assailent   shared this image...
Hell Hydra   Dan, you are queer =]
Demon of Razgriz   Hey is there any updates that I should know about before I come back?
diesel93   Most of it is on the forum as of now.
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