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Booze is the awnser, I dont remember the question.
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JP135100   Howd they spam it I told them about the vote but I doubt they would spam it if you want ill txt the$ and tell them to change it or something to save the bother
MattMiller96   They spammed our election. I'm going to reschedule a new one.
JP135100   Why should I not have?
JP135100   Yer some mates frome my old skl who live near me I thinl they use the public network
MattMiller96   Did you invite two new guys, who use the same IP?
JP135100   Why
JP135100   Yer loads I use a public wifi in the center of london
MattMiller96   Jack, do you have anyone else sharing your IP adress?
JP135100   If anyone doesnt know my skype is arrrtzy feel free to add.
krim98   Heya, whatever happened to your skype?
MattMiller96   yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh JP!
JP135100   I'm BACK BICHES <3
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