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Tim   "Thing is shes right.

Women are better at arguements then guys.

and this is coming from a guy"

So you should be able to convince me?
WiicKedDiiva   Yeah readd :) and congrats!!!
WiicKedDiiva   Sorry about thattt! D: I didn't know, haha.
BoomBoomSwish   XD No problem, should I just readd?
eaglezfan2010   hey man been trying to add you for a bit on psn but i never know when youre on, send me a friend request and ill add you when i get home tonight

psn: eaglezfan2010
REBEL Serenity   Hi, take a look at your funny pic post because the pic doesn't appear, I posted underneath and gave you another website with the pic on it so you can copy it and edit your post. :)
REBEL Serenity   Go to your post on that thread and click edit, it will then bring up your post you can edit and save.
BoomBoomSwish   All I see are Delete and report
REBEL Serenity   Strange. Just post it again.
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