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Crackjuice   cant even spell delete
o HerkY o   Welcome to TKO!
deleat this profile!!!!   Sup everybody thanks for having me! I'm at Ruby Tuesdays right now took the wife out to eat. When I get home I'll update my profile and add some pics. Got to go ill halla at u later!!
TKOxILLUZIONZx   Well thanx for wasting everyones time

Delete your own profile
IFFELTON   Welcome to TKO
rabbid mouse   Also if you are a MW3 player and wish to become apart of our Elite Clan, just head on over to the Team Knockout Forums and put your Gamer Tag down in the Elite Waiting List thread, you will receive your invitation in the order that we receive the requests, so be patient as there are a good amount. Cheers.
rabbid mouse   Hi,
please make sure to represent your clan by including : TKO into your
MOTTO on your Xbox profile.

Insignias :(HALO) # 53 Runes Primary White Secondary Steel ..# 40 Display Set to White (recruits)
please remember to vote for us daily by clicking the Top100clans link

REC. by : N/A


TKO is set up much like FaceBook... you have a profile, wall, friends list etc.
The more friends you have, the more Forums you participate in, the more activity will appear on the widget on the bottom right.
Recruit is our probationary status and as such will last for 30 days or until 5 recruits have been attained. Please become active in TKO by choosing a branch to join. Also, if at anytime, or for any reason the motto and/or emblem requirements are not adhered to, you can and will be dismissed.
Thank you and welcome again.
Invalid Disc   haha i beat you on welcoming Bagged to TKO :)
Invalid Disc   Welcome to TKO, Got any questions just ask or and other TKO Member. I look forward to gaming with you :)
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