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Notey   This kid has balls wtf ahaha going to delete my comments in the shout box you suck balls idgaf about this dumb ass website stupid ass lol ban me from this piece of shit pulse these nutts... Dumbass try to make your self look good fuck you
Notey   Nuff said lmaoo..that kid is funny
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Notey   NEVERMIND... i got a 3month from my boss(: and my new GT Is Notey cC
Notey   I'll trade somebody a 800microsoft point card for a 1month message me on xbox rG Notey
JacqueM   you lookin for a dubs partner? if so add me, Jokez vL
Olympus DURTY D   he bro, add me on live gt is Pulse DURTY DUZN
{OGL} F1rEsHoT   Welcome to The Online Gamers Lounge
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