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that colt has absorbed a lot of voltage...
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Jordan (horse)   shared this image...
Tight Wrap   ok srry if i offend any one in the uk, but you got 1 really retarded idiot there, not only was he bashing all religon, but he couldnt even begin to back it up an any way other than "cause its stupid." God i hate morons, oh and fyi canada's military cant hold a candle to the united states.
Jordan (horse)   im an atheist.
TSRookie195   Looks like this guy has no respect for others.
Don't worry about offending me either cuz I'm not offended (yes, I'm one of this clan's UK members) :)
Tight Wrap   well i am one of this generations few chirstain bilble doubters, to many diffrences in it
but at least ive attempted to understand others way of life.
TSRookie195   Welcome to the clan!!!
My gamertag is Ventus820 if you wish to add me!
(Sorry for the late welcome, I was away when you joined)
Tight Wrap   hey yall i have this play for a fanfic about the war of the new lunar republic, so send in you ocs for consideration in the story!!!
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-=Biohazard=-   Steamlined! Likes building stuff, see my post on [link]
Tight Wrap   lol
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Jordan (horse)   well well well..... SUP MAN!
Tight Wrap   lololo
Tight Wrap   so im writing a fan-fiction and i posted on fim, but it hasnt be aproved
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ZCD99   Don't worry most if not all get approved! Mine did and it sucks!
Tight Wrap   (/)^3^(\) texting a chick might not be there saterday... SQEEEE
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Jordan (horse)   jelly!
MRKISTER JR   shared this image...
Tight Wrap   si senor
-=Biohazard=-   Hell YEAH!!!
Tight Wrap   ok guys, i didnt think this would happen sooo soon, but im on a depressed spell... so not as social. and fair warning i have very little hope for future during this time. so if im still depressed by the meet up, remember that thats not me. my adhd meds are a depressant, and there is no alt. for me. yes im on meds for my depression, but they dont work against my adhd meds. the hyper active happy person you saw this week end is the true me... and im not him as much as i would like to. they way i am right now... im an asshole, very pessimistic. seems counter porductive, the only way to help me achieve my future dream job is to be the person that has no hope for the future.
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Tight Wrap   why did you like a post saying im depressed... now even more sad..
Sombralot   Don't worry, bro. We're with you all the way through this...
I know how it feels to be depressed, hell, I was halfway making a permanent scar on my wrist during those times. You'll go through this, and hopefully, become much more stronger than you used to be. Good luck, my friend :)
Tight Wrap   Check out this video on YouTube:

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Jordan (horse)   yay :)
Tight Wrap   (/)^3^(\)
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Tight Wrap   hey guys im home and on
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Tight Wrap   Hey guys add me on Xbox live going to do some custom games and some big team and team slayer, lead by yours truly. My GT is aninjatwitch but I will be changing it soon.
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