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You like dragons? Cause in a minute ima b dragon these nuts across yo face....
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JaSomNikto   How da F do you respond to a message lol.
All is good hawmie. How have u been? Been a
while since i played. Lol
JaSomNikto   Ur back? Wha arma got boring lol ;) or your bf worm came back
Black Snake   wtf gei you found new boy?
RayRay   get on steam :p
RayRay   there she is
RayRay   gosh your soooo abusive....... pffffff :p :p :p :p
RayRay   sooo im noticing on your page that i said happy birthday twice to you this year.......when is it? LOLOLOLOLOL
JaSomNikto   yo homiee, i cant play, keep gettin kicked for loosin key packets, dont fkn kno what to do anymore, any advise ??? its pissin me off too much, thx man
RayRay   Happy Birthday :p
RayRay   u lost :p
RayRay   :p
Tak777level4   "O" I was on the server tonight and I did kick two players seeing that I still got admin rights only to make room for UWS players. and the ones I kicked had no rank so I think it would be cool.
Tak777level4   no i don't think he had anything to do with it. I just see you all growing and it's just time to move on. UWS rocks kiddo and always will, I'll be around to kick some of them ass just look for me...peace out you rock kiddo. later!!!
Tak777level4   take me off admin asap ....befor i kick the rong guy....lol lmao
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