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calmegapieman   found my old account!
calmegapieman   hi, I lost my account password :( here's the link to my new account, friend me! = [link]
calmegapieman   By the way im friends with the owners! :3
calmegapieman   Sorry ive been gone so long Ive had major school work but now im back!
Detective Doge   :d Welcome back!
HappyMealToy   Same here, Cal. Welcome back!
calmegapieman   If your wall is unpopular comment to this...
Liked this
calmegapieman   see i commented
calmegapieman   gosh my wall is unpopular
Detective Doge   Be more active on the forums like I am. Once I was active I have over 1700 wall views. Good luck!
calmegapieman   i dont know jacob, now that i know of the sweep i dont really care
calmegapieman   hey can i get a mod today i loged on to lostcraft then it sayed i died but i wasn't dieing when i logged off! plz help me soon cuz i had tons of good stuff! tnx 4 ur time!
Nukas   so what do you want the mods to do for you?
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