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If you have time, please join this Facebook launched Saturday Feb 11. Link in my article. Michael Nuwer launched it. The Arizona AG settlement happened because two former DRI sales agents and I put in about a thousand hours finding owners to file complaints.


Also article published day after DRI received summons for billion $ lawsuit

January 2017
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Shared publicly - Jan 30, 17

Hi, We our defaulting on our loan with DRI. Two months now. We own in the US collection. Just looking for advise. I put my application in for this site but have not heard anything. Thank you

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Any news on my application to join the forum?

Shared publicly - Jan 18, 17

Hi, Im new to this site. My application has been submitted, so just waiting so that i can join in and get advice from other members.
I have done my resignation letter to DRI... posting it tomorrow.... so i could really do with having access to the site asap.
I am expecting them to refuse my rsignation but could do with advice on what to say to them when they contact me.
Can you put me in the appropriate group please?
Hi Debz, I'm in the same situation as you, have submitted my application and am waiting so that I can get some advice and join in.
May I ask, did you have a template for your resignation letter? I get the impression from the site there is one and that's what I wanted to find out about. My fees were due on the 14th of Jan but I can't/don't want to pay for them anymore. Am really worried I won't be prepared when they start chasing me for payment.
Regards, MJ
My husband has stopped me from posting our resignation letter until I can give him some feedback on what's happened to other people who have done the same!
So fingers crossed I can get access to this site soon.
December 2016

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Hi, I'm new to this site and was hoping you could help me.
We are fully paid on membership fees till the end of the year but intend to resign after being members since GVC days. I had some points left over this year so have a weekend in Cromer booked for 20th Jan 2017. So I'm not sure if I send a letter now, I will be stopped going on our weekend away or ignore the due date on the maintenance fees for next year and send the resignation letter when we get back from the weekend? I feel we are entitled to use these points as they have been paid for at the end of the day!

Also could you let me know how I can access the templates to help me position my letter correctly.

Your help would be much appreciated.

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Thank you for accepting us. We will closely read information on this site and send our resignation letter soon.
Can you let us know please who to address the letter to?
Thank you again,

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Hi Dwaelf.
I have just resigned my membership of DRI. Can you put me in the appropriate group, so that I can learn from yours and others experiences.


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Dwaelf, just been contacted by SPS Consultants from Nottingham. Good talkers telling me that they could get me out of DR but also warning me that DR would chase me for the 4 years of Maintenace I have not paid ?? They sound convincing but Sounds like another scammer because if they were legit I would have heard about them on this website.
November 2016

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Hi Dwaelf. I have just got an e-mail saying you have approved my application tol join the group but still can't access your guide for leaving Diamond. Can you help, please?
Cheers, Bill Sanderson
Hi Dwaelf, I am also a new member of the group..... can you send me your guide to leaving Diamond too?
cheers MandM
September 2016

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Hi, have recently applied to join DRIP as I want to resign from DRI having been a member since 2002 and now find it near impossible to get a decent holiday with them without lots of hastle, I am 73 and can do without it. Also the upcoming maintanence fees are likely to be a small country's dept. Is there somewhere on the DRIP site that I can get information on how to relinquish my membership. It appears I am not a full member as I am unable to access some links.
I too am trying to find a resignation letter,as my circumstances are just the same as you.
June 2016

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Thanks for the add how do post and add the email i received from D Silverman
May 2016

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Three years on from our resignation, the last letter from DSilverman was Sept. 2015 We have had no contact with DRI or DS we just keep ignoring them and hope they get the message. Than God for this forum it gave us the courage to resign, can't thank you enough.
You write a letter to resign, you stop paying fees and you lose the money invested in the title? Is that how you discontinued your relationship with DRI?!
April 2016

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I have the same problem as mattyjarv, how can I access the link?

March 2016

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Hey, i've joined the DRI forums today. I can view some posts on the forums but for others I receive a message "You do not have sufficient access to view this page. No view Access"

I was trying to access this particular link http://drip.enjin.com/forum/m/1894208/viewthread/4043903-leaving-dri-summary

Basically after information to relinquish my timeshare with DRI.
October 2015

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Hello Dwaelf - please check my recent post as I think it is good news

Regards RED51