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spinach   Since we resigned in November, we have asked for copies of all data they hold on us. This they sent, but no signed copy of our original contract. We wrote to them again and received phone call to say that they only had to keep paperwork for 7 years. Surely this doesn't apply to a live contract? We have now been asked to pay our 2014 Management Fees. We had already cancelled our DD and wrote to them telling them that this is the case. Have sent short reply saying we will not be paying now or ever. Awaiting the next instalment.
Dwaelf the Wanderer   It doesn't apply to live contracts but DRI don't pay any attention to this. This is good news for you, however. If they have no signed contract by you, then they legally have no claim on you for anything because they have no proof.
I suspect they don't keep their contracts because they know they are worth rather less than toilet paper.
Thallian   Hail friend. Im curious. Does this page get used anymore ? All posts are back dated years ago. I surely hope there are still Thintaurians roaming the wilds of Mirkwood. Please let a friend know you are still live ! ~Thallian~
Dwaelf the Wanderer   Still alive! The page is open partly because some of us use the free Mumble server on it and the link is the easiest way to get onto Mumble. We do also put on notifications if we are playing other games so people know where to find us. Being Thintaurians, we do have a habit of wandering all over the place so sometimes we can be hard to spot in the woodwork!
dayone   have you heard of knightsbridge consultants, they have been in touch to say they would be willing to launce a greivence against DRI to get compensation for miss selling on a no win no fee basis
Dwaelf the Wanderer   Yes it was about time again a new name was launched for the same dubious set up from ITRA – International Timeshare Refund Action. This time we have Knightsbridge Consultants who cold calls to invite Timeshare owners to meetings in UK and Marbella.


Do I really have to say more?
snowman   Dear Dwaelf
Sent letter of resignation and [link] November 2013 offered to pay one years fee in lieu of notice. They returned certs. and sent standard non acceptance letter. Haven't paid this years fees but have just received another demand. Don't like the thought of being in debt to anyone but can no longer throw hard earned money down the drain.
certs.in - Certs Resources and Information. This website is ...
certs.in is your first and best source for information about Certs . Here you will also find topics relating to issues of general interest. We hope you find what you are looking fo...
Daisymay   Hi

New to this, we want out, how do we go,about it.
Rusty mason   dear Dwaelf
I have been a holder of a week at Benal beach for a number of years
Over the last few years they have been selling units therefore availability has been a problem
Ever year DRI have been at the door trying to convert us to another hotel Sahra SUNSET
(owned totally by DRI) at a ridiculous cost
I have been looking for a out for years,so to my surprise on reading 2013 AGM minutes I read that i could e-mail them and request cancellation,this is because I believe that they may be pulling out of Benal Beach in 2015/16
I was then taken aback by a immediate in writing answer cancelling my agreement and stating that i was no longer liable for maintainance fees
Just can't believe i am out

Rusty Mason
Dwaelf the Wanderer   Delighted to hear it has been so simple for you, Rusty. It could well be that they are preparing to sell out to raise money for something - this did happen before. Look out for another 'get out of jail free' offer, DRI members!
JSX   thanks Rusty. I have 2 weeks at Benal Beach. You may have found a way out for me. JSX
Marjorie51   Dear Dwaelf,
Of interest to our US DRIP cousins is the case in December 2013 of Ronald Frank Muise (the name + Texas is enough for the search engine) who has been found guilty of Timeshare resale fraud. Could get up to 20 years as a starter but there is a fascinating Federal Law add-on that could add another 10 years because the wire/mail fraud involved fraudulent telemarketing to 10 or more victims over the age of 55. Sometimes the Americans do get things right!
Dwaelf the Wanderer   Deighted to hear of that Marjorie. Just another sign that the times move ever onwards in OUR favour. A slow haul, but worthwhile.
baldyman1965   Hiya,we are wanting to send a letter of surrender (again). However we might not have used the correct terminology,therefore do you have template we can use please. Cheers.
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Dwaelf the Wanderer   There isn't really a correct terminology. All you have to do is tell DRI you wish to resign and no longer wish to have points. They won't accept that, but that's their problem as provided all your fees are up to date they cannot charge you for what you don't want and haven't had.
If you do want to use templates, there are some in the forums which I cannot link here as this is not a private post.
Kaz   Hi Dwaelf. I have some info from my Lawyer friend and the bank re DD payments but think I should not make all of this public. Can't work out hoe to do this and also about to resign, done my letter and happy to download it but privately (after advice from my lawyer friend) How do I do it??? Thanks
dayone   would like to resign from DRI, could you let me know the success rate of people who have been able to resign sucessfully, what are the main problems that you have to put up with, and finally where are the template of the letter you must send. your help would be greatfully appreciated,
Dwaelf the Wanderer   Dayone, I cannot give you a success rate because we don't insist our members inform us when they have escaped. All I can tell you is that of the members we know have endeavoured to leave DRI, none of them have been taken to court and none of them have posted that they have failed to succeed.
The closest estimate I can get from that is 100%,
Dwaelf the Wanderer   If you have been granted DRIP membership (DRIP or Junior DRIP) you should have access to the letter templates on the members' forum, Please PM me rather than posting here if you are still having problems. Thank you.
maggi999   can you grant me access to the copy letters, Thanks, maggi999
carrotcruncher   Put a message on my wall last Thursday but this does not appear to be registering for public viewing - can you please tell me what I did wrong.
Horizon   Thanks for excepting me for membership. Do I need to upgrade to gain access to the copy letters sites?
DRIDropOuts   Thanks for accepting our membership. I hope that we can find a way out of this scheme
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