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Shared publicly - Sep 27, 16

Hi, have recently applied to join DRIP as I want to resign from DRI having been a member since 2002 and now find it near impossible to get a decent holiday with them without lots of hastle, I am 73 and can do without it. Also the upcoming maintanence fees are likely to be a small country's dept. Is there somewhere on the DRIP site that I can get information on how to relinquish my membership. It appears I am not a full member as I am unable to access some links.
June 2016

Shared publicly - Jun 13, 16

Thanks for the add how do post and add the email i received from D Silverman
May 2016

Shared publicly - May 25, 16

Three years on from our resignation, the last letter from DSilverman was Sept. 2015 We have had no contact with DRI or DS we just keep ignoring them and hope they get the message. Than God for this forum it gave us the courage to resign, can't thank you enough.
michellecoll You write a letter to resign, you stop paying fees and you lose the money invested in the title? Is that how you discontinued your relationship with DRI?!
April 2016

Shared publicly - Apr 18, 16

I have the same problem as mattyjarv, how can I access the link?

March 2016

Shared publicly - Mar 18, 16

Hey, i've joined the DRI forums today. I can view some posts on the forums but for others I receive a message "You do not have sufficient access to view this page. No view Access"

I was trying to access this particular link http://drip.enjin.com/forum/m/1894208/viewthread/4043903-leaving-dri-summary

Basically after information to relinquish my timeshare with DRI.
October 2015

Shared publicly - Oct 7, 15

Hello Dwaelf - please check my recent post as I think it is good news

Regards RED51
August 2015

Shared publicly - Aug 11, 15

Hi Dwaelt,
I have just received an email, voicemail and letter from Daniel Silverman. I cant seem to find the wording I should use to go back to them on so could you let me have it please or am I better just to ignore them?
Many thanks for your help
December 2014

Shared publicly - Dec 21, 14

Hi Dwaelf
I am having the same problem as FedUpTed. I did not have this problem before.
I know this is not the best way to contact you so I hope you see this message.
Best wishes for the holydays.
Dwaelf the Wanderer To you and Ted, no-one is playing games with you - there are so many forums on the site that they are grouped to make it easier for new members to find their way around. The information on your application form helps us work out what group to put you in. There's no hidden agenda here, just a way to make an otherwise unwieldy site easier for you all to use :)
Dwaelf the Wanderer Best way to contact me is always through a PM. Click on the icon and then go to message.

Shared publicly - Dec 20, 14

Thank you for accepting me.
Dwaelf the Wanderer YW Hope the site is useful to you.
Dwaelf the Wanderer

Shared publicly - Dec 7, 14

Can I again please tell people that posting on this wall is probably the slowest way of getting an answer. I only check the wall a few times A YEAR, so you could be months waiting for an answer for posts here.
The quickest way to find a solution to your problem is to READ THE FORUMS. In the last two years, the site admin hasn't received one query that hasn't already been addressed in the forums!
If you're really having difficulty, then by all means PM me, but be aware that it may take a few weeks before I have time to answer you.
We have a very small, voluntary team doing all the work on the site and it is a self-help site, so please do bear this in mind.
Thank you.
kemiltree Thank you and merry Christmas to you and all the volunteers who give us the courage to fight on. Kemiltree
Dwaelf the Wanderer And a very Happy Humbug to you too, Kemiltree, and all our DRIPs.
November 2014

Shared publicly - Nov 24, 14

Where is the resignation letter for Diamond Resorts, please
Watty We bought a diamond Resort timeshare in 2007. We have never been able to book anything because of prior bookings and now cannot afford the bi annual fees. I have just received the latest bill and would like to resign from it. Is there a template letter I could use, please ?
Dwaelf the Wanderer You will find template letters in the Members' Forums, Watty.

Shared publicly - Nov 11, 14

we joined UVC in 1996 but need to "get Out" now we have retired.
We have to sort this out before our kids get saddled with this nightmare. Has any one used "Justice 4" and their solicitors?
Dwaelf the Wanderer Never heard of anyone using them but be very careful as most people who claim to be able to free you from your timeshare are con merchants after your money.

Shared publicly - Nov 7, 14

I am new to the site and have just rec maint fees for 2015 for £672.86 as fortunately we only own 1 week bi annually!
We are no longer willing to pay this as it has increased from £200 when we bought it in 1998 from CRI??
I am now looking to resign by way of letter, could you send me a template of the letter other members have sent.
Many thanks, your doing a great job!!
Thurnhamdel Just rec our letter saying we cant resign! I'm guessing we just ignore now?

Shared publicly - Nov 5, 14

Sent our resignation letter to DRI on mon 03/11/14 got the reply by wed from DRI telling us we can't resign etc. Now for the next step!
August 2014

Shared publicly - Aug 26, 14

Please keep up the fantastic work you do. It is the ONLY reasonable rest bite we get from D. Silvermans phone calls and letters. You keep us strong AND sane!! thank you.
Dwaelf the Wanderer Glad the site is helpful, dustybin. I think the most important thing is that all of us have been there, so we know what it is like and in particular how scary it is when you first start saying 'no' to DRI!
Daisymay Just about to write our leter of resignation, should we just say we want out or give reasons.