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I think im leaving this clan i dont know yet
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TKO InsanePyro   Hello Unicornz. I am the new and current leader of the branch FSD. Just liked to say Hi and yes, when I have everything more organized and ready, probably by next friday, I will set be setting up a GB team for our branch and holding private matches to test the team set ups.
unicornz pown   what is a gb team
TKO InsanePyro   GB is gamebattles.
unicornz pown   please make one for mw2 i am soo bored cuz of no clan battles
unicornz pown   Do the MW2 clans even do clan battles anymore im gettin bored cuz they dont have any matches
TKOxUltimatumx   Ummm... I Dont know. You Could Suggest It Just To See What They Say.
unicornz pown   How long does it take to get in a branch
TKOxILLUZIONZx   Depends what time you use the forums... they are trolled by the staff at certain times of the day
unicornz pown   what are those times
unicornz pown   My friend is 10th prestige 80 on mw2
by the way Stray X wants to mw3 clan battle us
TKOxILLUZIONZx   Clan battle request form is located on the clan battle page.. they are free to send one. If they are legit someone will contact them.
Bombos99   hey pown welcome to TKO
TKOxUltimatumx   Welcome To TKO,Try Joining A Branch For A More Fun And Exciting Experience Within The Clan, You Can Do This By Going To The Branch Page... Which Can Be Found On The Bar Above, One On The Page You Can Click On Any Of The Branch Banners For Any That Interest You To Find Out More Or To Join... Please Note You Can Only Join One Branch Per Game Title. For Example:
If You Are In A Halo Branch. Then You Can not join Another Halo Branch
But If You Want To Join More Than One Branch And Its A Different Game Title. You Can Do That. If You Would Like To Join A The Branch That You Have Clicked And It Has Took You To The Branches Designated Page. Click The "Sign Up Here" Thread And Post A Comment Along The Lines Of
" I Would Like To Join Please " And Normally Within A Few Hours You Should Be Approved Into That Branch.

If You Have Any Further Questions That You Would Like To Ask. Feel Free To Ask Me them Or Any other Clan Member. We Are Always Here To Help.
Thank You
please make sure to represent your clan by including : TKO into your
MOTTO on your Xbox profile.

Insignias :(HALO) # 53 Runes Primary White Secondary Steel ..# 40 Display Set to White (recruits)
please remember to vote for us daily by clicking the Top100clans link

REC. by : TOP100


TKO is set up much like FaceBook... you have a profile, wall, friends list etc.
The more friends you have, the more Forums you participate in, the more activity will appear on the widget on the bottom right.
Recruit is our probationary status and as such will last for 30 days or until 5 recruits have been attained. Please become active in TKO by choosing a branch to join. Also, if at anytime, or for any reason the motto and/or emblem requirements are not adhered to, you can and will be dismissed.
Thank you and welcome again. :thumb:
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