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is that a banana in your pocket or are u just excited to see me?
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TwiztedMind   Why didn't i have you as a friend?
OmegaJC   Why is your user name yellow? Were you demoted?
ruin2100   it was never blue
OmegaJC   ARCHENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Camevil   you got duke. congratulations :d
ruin2100   go to where is says 1online and star a convo with me! im bored. i need a chat simulator
Camevil   i am talking thats the thing
ruin2100   it doesnt show ur responses
ruin2100   yes! i got a picture up finally. i wanted to ones from guest57 to work but im stuck with the chat of chaz talking to a griefer. lol
ruin2100   my WoM wont show the screenshots i take
daniyalak471   u have to put wom in a new folder (any) then after u take a screenshot u open that folder and it should have a document something like this screenshot_20120115110357
ruin2100   it says there is a screenshot but when i preview the picture it is a black blank screen
daniyalak471   try again but wait like a min after u spawn to take picture oh and press esc on keyboard then click sceenshot :)
ruin2100   you can be the peanut-butter to my jelly
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