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We are HpG, a mature gaming community that centered on Xbox Live.
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HpG REZ 5   Hey douchewaffle. When you gonna play Titanfall again?
HpG x M0NST3R   Made it to Gen 2
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HpG REZ 5   Congrats. Im working my way up as well hehe
HpG x M0NST3R   Hey guys go like/sub/follow/watch me on twitch.tv..........I will be broadcasting pretty much everyday from 3-9pm ish till I hit Max Gen in Titanfall

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MGU Boomer   Already Did :)
HpG Achilles   Ok
HpG Achilles   ok had some questions for you but ill ask if you're on later.
HpG x M0NST3R   You cn pm me if they r important
HpG Achilles   Hey monster are you going to be at the officer meeting?
HpG x M0NST3R   Phoenix officer meeting? Nah I was out of town yesterday and today
HpG Achilles   Yo MONSTER
HpG x M0NST3R   One of those days that I just wanted to stay home and not do ne thing
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HpG x M0NST3R   Picking up my new car tomorrow!
MGU Boomer   What make and model?
HpG NerdPowered   Thank you for the help!
HpG TryHard   monster what happend to the ghost clan? i cant get on it in ghost
HpG x M0NST3R   i don't know it works for me
HpG TryHard   it was locked for me but it works now
HpG the goonkILLr14   Hey I want to join the call of duty ghost clan
HpG x M0NST3R   you will have to message me on xbox live
HpG x Logic   please send me one too?
SubsidedArc   heyy I am looking for people to recrut me and introduce me to the community write back
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ToF Breaker   Have you been recruited yet? If not add me GT: HpG Breaker
SubsidedArc   hey this is subsidedArc I play mw3 send me friend requests
HpG x M0NST3R   Finally got GTA V.
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HpG NerdPowered   Oh my gosh how is it???????????????????????????????????????
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