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DHG Excision   love the pic
DHGInsaneZombie   Thanks for add
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DHGs Puppy   Im adding you for the soul purpose of being able to say, I know Daryl Dixon. .-. please allow this.
DHGInsaneZombie   some one told me how easy it was to make one so i did but thanks any way
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DHG VertaSINS   Well I was not too sure what kind of D.D. Sig you were interested in so I went with this one. Hope you like it. If you would like something different just let me know.
chynomoure's image
DDsig2.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by chynomoure. Find other DDsig2.jpg pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and vi...
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OPG MP EVAs ∞   hi
Buzz Go Hard   I fear small insects. Whats going on? That video below is vicious haha
DHG UrdnotMitch   shared this image...
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DHG UrdnotMitch   [link]
DHG GOT DEADLY7   by the way you should visit my page and add some DHG members.
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