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Cutie McSnuggles   Happy Birthday! /hug
Texas_Shooter210   Happy Birthday man! Hope you're doing well.
Izmina   Happy Birthday!
Synli   Happy Birthday Waizaa!
Waizaa   Since LoL lagged too much while streaming, I ended up giving up on that idea. But upgrading computer within next few weeks and plan on streaming my journey through Eorzea for anyone interested in viewing and/or joining!
Texas_Shooter210   I'll watch, what are you planning to upgrade?
Waizaa   So far just vid card, processor, and add some more RAM. Debating mobo or not, but doubtful. Also probably add liquid cooling depending how new processor would run.

Basically, more than I really want to, lol, but it's all probably 6-7yrs old, so if anything I got more use out of it than I probably shoulda, though thats what I planned when originally built it.
Waizaa   Paperwork tomorrow then starting a new run at an old job Monday. As long as they keep their promises, might finally be able to start getting somewhere in this crazy world. Might celebrate (in a few weeks) by giving my computer a long overdue upgrade so I can stream without any lag issues.
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Seal   Gratz Waizaa!
Waizaa   It's been a crazy ride this past year, but never any regrets. <3
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Waizaa   Stupid fireworks, ruining my zen!
Waizaa   Snow!
advtel   Same here too.
Waizaa   I hear NY is supposed to get about double what getting here, so maybe you'll be lucky and be a part of that... ;P Good news though, going home early, yay! :thumb:
Waizaa   Also, stopped to get food on way home, by time got back to my car my windshield was frozen again... -_-;
Waizaa   皆さん、メリークリスマス!
advtel   Merry Christmas Everyone!
Waizaa   Ahh, paychecks, how I missed thee. Sadly, not enough to get Internet back on yet, but next week however...
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Waizaa   So far this job is providing a very adequate gaming schedule, give or take Tuesday and minus Monday. Now if only had Internet back already to take advantage of it... :/ Hopefully this weekend or soon after!
Waizaa   After ~6mo unemployed, finally find a job! Never had this much trouble getting anything, so maybe the economy is as bad as they say (or I have cooties). The few hours I got to play BO2 at my parents or the time I get to play Combat Training doesn't sate my appitite, but makes me hungry for more. Hope to see everyone online soon!
hartage   good luck lad..
advtel   Have a happy, happy, happy birthday Waizaa! :d
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Derl.C   Happy Birhtday Waizza
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