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The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. George S. Patton
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hjrobbi   I AM BACK NIGGAZ!!!!!!!
Brain   youve been gone for 3 months, hi
Smoofie   blue swag
Taylor   Welcome back
The Last Dogwood   HJROBBI :3
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hjrobbi   Then explain why you hide from me when i go to attack you
Jacobthebest1   We need to have a talk. I do not "Suck at pvp"
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hjrobbi   Well I am gettin my computer fixed and It will be fixed by next wednesday fun
krisdestruction   sweet!
hjrobbi   Yeah they ended up having to replace my whole screen
hjrobbi   Yes
behm12   wait is your profile picture legit?
The Last Dogwood   Well, I don't think so...if you look at his hot bar it looks like he's in
creative. ;p
hjrobbi   Getting comp back this weekend woot woot
krisdestruction   :p
hjrobbi   Hello friends
krisdestruction   Hello, hjrobbi
[∆Črāźíøñãćß ∆]   Herro
dovakign   accept
Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh   Patton be a crazy man.
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Rimbuk   HEY :d
krisdestruction   Rawr! Hey HJ, let's keep building the town :)
Evasoludo   First Post, Achievement Get!
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