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Nomar/Johanni   Hey Loghan quick question. Is my officer rank only for a max of 2 of my characters or can there be more? Cause I wanted to add my healer, Eidee, and my other dps, Kess-vi. to the ranks of Captain. If not I understand
Stark/Loghan   No, there is no limit. Only restriction is that you cannot promote someone up to your own rank. To do that, you need a higher ranking officer, like myself, Donn or Stakar :) I will try to promote you next time I'm on :)
Nomar/Johanni   Hey Loghan. Planning to run TFB SM this Sunday at 7pm EST. I wanted to know if you could create an event for it on the webpage for people to sign up on
Stark/Loghan   I gave you admin access. You should be able to create it :)
Nomar/Johanni   Hey Loghan. There seems to be a miss communication. The scum and Villainy run wasn't suppose to be a recurring event. It was just setting an event for pick up of the run that was started during Stakar's Operation Wednesday. So no need to have it every Saturday and Sunday :d
Stark/Loghan   I had problems with the event calendar. Must have happened during my many attempts
Nomar/Johanni   Hey Loghan. I was hoping you could post on the events page about the Pick-up Ops run for Scum and Villainy story mode. Also we might need a tank because I don't know if stakar will be available due to the birth of his granddaughter. would you be possibly available to tank if he does not show up?
Nomar/Johanni   Hey Logan. I told you about my idea for an RP Event. I created a thread give an outline of what can be expected. I have attached it to the link below. Let me know what you think of it
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