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A group of friends who decided to make a podcast
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Ioku1   Hey why did I get banned TIG
MrPibb4570   i commented on the post why
Datsyk   Hey, there might be something wrong with my player-file in your /world/ folder, as I cannot log in - with the errormessage 'internal server error'.
If you could delete this, a new one will be created automatically once I log in again.

MrPibb4570   Thats what I needed to know samething happened to me I'll tell nos about it today thanks for the help on that man
VolcanicGames   TigerReaper a.k.a MrPibb4570 I applyied for whitelist on the forums. Thank You! i'm ChrisTopher21403
3_141592_Co   dude i miss you so much
3_141592_Co   yeah pretty much even i quit
MrPibb4570   if you want to do some vanilla me and my friends have a server that you can join i co own it
MrPibb4570   [link]
MrPibb4570   Wow I broke 6000 profile views shocker
MrPibb4570   Oh wow I broke 2000 profile views "SHOCKER"
MrPibb4570   I really want to see Broskies reaction to the rank up I got
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MrPibb4570   He would be like hey rob since that faggot parker got a rank up am I a VPREZ
MrPibb4570   ahhh im tired aggghhh
MrPibb4570   Ok I'll be back tomorrow so hope you missed me all haha
tArchiba1d   I sent the invite u juss gotta accept and link ur xbox tag
MrPibb4570   Ya i got to wait till ten pm though so if your on then we will play some gbs
MrPibb4570   I gots a rank up LtGen hooorrrrraaahhhh
MrPibb4570   umm check my gt MrPibb4570 or my gb is MSGT_T3rMiNaT0R
tArchiba1d   whats up gb account and ill add u up
MrPibb4570   Hey Rob can I get those flames with the yelllow text plllleeeaaassseee
OGC SSJ2 TRUNKS   lol that's for admin...lol
MrPibb4570   damn I just want my flames back
MrPibb4570   I thought since I got a LtGen that I would get flames turns out im two ranks away from admin dammit
MrPibb4570   Just ordered a pair of Astro A40 Wireless headphones be hear next week
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