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KravenGaming   Welcome back.
TKO MoJoSoDope   thanks, its been a while
TKO x Hellights   You have to leave IDS.
TKO x Hellights   Welcome back!
TKO MoJoSoDope   got it all straightened out, thanks
Darkest Matterz   What da fuck you been? :lol:
TKO MoJoSoDope   hey guys, im still around, just been really busy... I got saturday off, might try to run my xbox to death ha
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TKO MoJoSoDope   45hrs in 3 days.. my work week is only half over... that paycheck better be gold plated!
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rabbid mouse   No joke about that.
TKO MoJoSoDope   hey guys, I might be a bit scarce for a while. I just picked up a second job and its looking like 72hr weeks for me... show me the money!
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TKO MoJoSoDope   the new DEMONS tag is sweet!
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TKO MoJoSoDope   im on this site more at work than home......
Crackjuice   cause yer xbox is at home
TKO MoJoSoDope   whiskey and pepsi..... sorry in advance haha
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TKO MoJoSoDope   I feel like our age requirement isn't enough lol
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TKO MoJoSoDope   gross! well think sunny thoughts:)
TKOxILLUZIONZx   Problem is it could be raised to 60, and we would end up with a bunch of senior asstards, all insulting each other between hits on the oxygen masks.
Idiots come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities, gender, age, and race. Nothing you can really do about it.
TKO MoJoSoDope   i agree, hence why ive never made an official suggestion. I had the same kind of problems when i ran a MMORPG clan.. hazard of the job i guess ;P
TKO MoJoSoDope   The names Keven. Don't forget it :p
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Mavis Dracula   sup keven :d
Mavis Dracula   alredy forgot it :lol:
TKO MoJoSoDope   ah ya know man... just livin
TKOxILLUZIONZx   This person is to be removed and blocked from access to your page
Thank you
TKO MoJoSoDope   Just took my car out drifting with some friends... nothing broke this time.. so it was a blast
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TKO MoJoSoDope   my only day off this week. hit me up for some bf3 or forza
OveRLoC   hehe i created a new DEMONS BADGE, look for it tomorrow hehe :d
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TKO MoJoSoDope   Beast!
OveRLoC   woot :d
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