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Built from the ground up for Minecraft Servers, Enjin’s scalable hosted platform gives you the tools you need to create the perfect Server Website and Donation Store. Enjin's platform is used by over 80,000 Minecraft communities and was voted best gaming website host by PCGAMER.

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DonationCraft. 100% Free Donation Plugin & Store

Sell items, ranks or anything else on your Minecraft server for money! Developed by Enjin with direct feedback from 1000’s of top server owners. Features everything you need to fund and monetise your server. DonationCraft's features will blow your mind. Best of all? It's 100% Free with no limits!

Bukkit Donation Plugin & Store
Minecraft server website builder

Server Rank Syncs & Minecraft Modules

Sync and mimic access between your website and in-game ranks, both ways! Setup a Vote for Diamond module or dozens of other Minecraft modules. Everything your need is available and powered by the Enjin Minecraft Plugin. Downloaded over 4 million times on Bukkit Dev!

  • Bukkit Plugin
  • Tekkit Plugin
  • Forge Plugin
  • DonationCraft Plugin + Store
  • Server-to-Website Rank syncs
  • Vote for Diamonds (Rewards)
  • Minecraft Server Statistics
  • In-Game Characters (3D Avatars)
  • Featuring over 90 Apps and Modules!

Customizable Minecraft Themes

Enjin features the most advanced & easy to use theme editor. Create stunning Minecraft themes with ease and experience true creative control. No coding knowledge required!

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