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Welcome to my wall!

My name is Spookie or Joe, and this is my wall. I'm a 17 year old that is into video games and really cringey memes or dabs. I'll be starting a BSc in Physics next year and I have a passion for Astrophysics and Space Science so chat to me about those if you want. I will also, as well as dabs and memes, be posting a lot of me arguing with moronic flat earthers that don't believe in gravity etc. so sit back and enjoy the show!

Xaela smells (;
please don't post dabs/normie memes
they only ruin the quality of the good memes
also it's spelled "cringy"
Mmm. BSc in Physics, nice.
Most likely going to transfer to the MPhys in Astrophysics ;) what you studying? :p
Currently, 3rd year Biochemistry lol.
Oh lord I know people going to do that and I'm just like pls why biology and chemistry the banes of my existence (Physics is obvs the best ;) )
Haha, ofc ofc. Regardless, I'm sure first year biochem is required to take first year physics anyways. haha. #noescape
May 2018

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Like for a TBH (cause quality content on this wall amirite)

last time there was like 60 pls pls also wall must be open for this so
I will wait
you better give me mine first

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College ending and University in September?

Jesus, just to say where have the last two years gone hahaha. A week's break then a final week with 3 exams and I'm finished college. It really doesn't seem that long ago that I enrolled at college fresh faced and ready to tackle this challenge. Now, two years later, 35 assignments, 5 examinations, approximately 100,000 words later (like pls why so many words more than a PHD dissertation) and a lot of red bull we're at the end of the road for college.

Tired out but happy that it's all done and the thoughts of missing it are there, however, the excitement and "fresh" faced (honestly bags under eyes for dayssss) for University. For a new experience and the first massive step towards my future career with science eek. Also, getting to see Xaela most days is an added bonus ;)

2016 - 2018 - College
2018 - 2022 (maybe 2023) - University of Hull.

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Xaela proud of you for getting into University told you that you'd do it!

P.S. You're extremely cute and beautiful so there ha

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Anyone got any advice for getting over massive fear of dogs? Asking for a friend, pretty urgent. (NOTE: Tried exposure already, takes a lot of time to get used to dog being exposed to and only works for that dog) :/
As someone with a fear of dogs, you can't do much quickly. It takes time. I used to be terrible, but my aunt has two little dogs that she brought over to my house a lot when i was a kid, and I started getting used to it. It's been like 8 years and I'm still not completely better, and I personally would be beyond upset if someone tried to force a likeness for dogs on me. Sara wants a dog, but she understands. We plan to get a small dog eventually and see how it turns out. But you can't guarantee someone will get over it. Not all fears (or anxieties) are meant to be overcome
That is a really descriptive explanation. Thank you, this person is absolutely terrible as well slow and steady seems to be a good method and I hope it works out for you getting a dog eventually c:
spend time around older dogs since they tend to be more laud back. maybe just work up the courage to ask people what their dog's name is, not necessarily if you can pet them. if you know why you're afraid more specifically that would help c:
The person knows all about the dog, it's colour and name and everything else. But it's a young dog and has been told it can jump up to say hello etc. They don't actually know why they're scared, they used to be able to go up to any off lead dog and pet it but now they're scared of them all in real life regardless of size, breed etc.

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Yolo bit late to the trend but for today's post lol:


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I'd like to discuss 13 reasons why with my becoming "fewer" enjin posts. There's been a lot of controversy for 13 reasons why since it was adapted into a TV series. DISCLAIMER: Anything said after this notice could be potentially emotionally hitting, please do make sure that you're safe before reading. Also another disclaimer, this is simply me stating my opinion.

13 reasons why fortells the story of Hannah Baker, a sophomore at a fictional high school in the state of California. Hannah being a new student at the school beginning to settle in soon becomes "good friends" with a fellow pupil. Said pupil then leaks indecent imagery and then the story spirals from there. To friendship loss and isolation, mockery, bad choices, rape and eventual self harm and suicide the book and series depicts a very dark sequence of events.

Now, a lot of people criticised the first season of 13 reasons why for "glamorising and dramatising suicide". That's fine, that's a personal opinion and it's to be respected. The producers of 13 reasons why also respected that opinion, so in response the show's official website: https://13reasonswhy.info/ providing helpful information ranging from sexual assault to general bullying and everything in between. In addition to this, the first episode from the next season of 13 reasons includes the cast discussing the themes of the show and warning potentially vulnerable watchers to be with someone close to them when they watch / if they watch.

Now moving onto the second series of 13 reasons why that released on Friday. It's already been positively and negatively reviewed by critics. Some critics suggesting it's unnecessary and also that due to the release being in a student exam season (majority of finals etc) which is also a high contributing factor to suicide rates etc. That it may increase suicide rates in some areas. Other critics agreed that the series of the show maybe was a bit much, however they also stated that the issues were tackled properly and in the right manner.

Finally (the bit you've been reading for), my opinion is neither for nor against 13 reasons why. As someone that has experienced some of the themes that it mentions, I support the show and it's producers for the message that I think it's trying to send out. However, I do believe care needs to be taken in order to monitor the show making sure that it delivers hard facts and that it doesn't make vulnerable people even more vulnerable. I believe that the show is designed to show the reality of situations that occur daily, and in the first episode (slight spoiler) it shows a main character with his new girlfriend about to have Sexual Intercourse and instead depicts him finding she's been self harming again in which he stops and does his best to help her and suggests methods for coping.

Bottom line is, no answer is wrong or right. Personal opinion favours bias to right and wrong. I'm in the middle, more leaning towards that it's right.

Thanks for reading.
The guys making the show consulted mental health experts before making it.... and then did everything they were told NOT to do. I'm fully against it, especially from the reaction I've seen from the people at school who have watched it, who now don't take the issues in the show seriously at all, and think it's all one big joke. And also seeing the other end, where it's made people think that suicide is a great option, and is a revenge thing, as portrayed by the show
Yeah, I mean I don't know about that for certain. But I do understand that some people don't take it seriously which they should. I don't personally think that the show makes out that suicide is great however, that is a personal interpretation.
I've been suicidal before, attempted, self-harmed, and been to a hospital before. I've never worked up the courage to get passed the first 2 episodes of the first season. I read the book multiple times when it wasn't even popular and that helped me feel less alone. But now... like I already live through that. I'm curious, but I don't really want to see it any more than I already have, yaknow?
I'd say, having watched the first season and some of the second. To be very careful. I get your meaning of that you're curious but don't want to. Honestly, if you feel that you can then go for it. But I'd recommend that you look online about the premise of the episode before you watch so you know exactly what you're getting into.
i cant even watch an episode as friends have told me about it ;/ s2 is worse for me apparently sigh

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Male, female, white, black, asian, religious or not. It's okay not to be okay. Please confide in someone when and if you need it.


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Documentary on the Manchester Bombing that took place 1 year ago next week. It's a really informative documentary. Although, I would like to think that this would apply to victim's of all domestic or foreign terror incidents and if there is anyone out there on Enjin that has been part of one or effected then I am so sorry <3
Manchester Bomb: Our Story


Documentary following three girls in the months since the Manchester terror attack.


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When ATC releases a new song and you love it ;-;
Against The Current - Strangers Again (Official Audio)

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Me knowing I've got to write 4 essays in two weeks lmao
haha same and im like 14 <o/
w a i t t i l l y o u r e o l d e r
haha ima die before then

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April 2018

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I love you

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Love that moment when you get your first grey hair's due to stress c:

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Rest in Peace Avicii or Tim. You produced quality music and will be sorely missed in the world.
His music was my gateway drug to EDM. Many RIP.